Monday 1 July 2013

June [ in pictures ]

As usual, another month has gone by just like that! This month I got to spend a little more time with Kaitlin due to the haze and HFMD cases in her class so we kept her at home. 3 students caught it, and I'm so glad that K didn't catch those nasty germs cos it would be horrible. Though, we've all be down with a terrible cold. Keeps going and coming back for me D: Just want it to be gone once and for all!

Speaking of the haze, it really dawned on to me how much we take simple things in life for granted like our air. Don't worry I'm not gonna start talking about how we should all do our part and just led me to think about how I've taken certain things in my life and in the past for granted. You know..reflecting about life, and then looking at others around me. I'll always remember what my dad said whenever I used to hate life so much cos of our family problems, that there are others out there that are worse off than most of us are. So really we should stop moping about life, and think about others for a second. I was really disgusted to see Singaporeans trying to make a profit from selling masks during the haze and even Hello Kitty! Like seriously?! No wonder another country thinks we are behaving like kids. Like seriously, these people are behaving worse than that. Where's the sense of humanity?

Oh yes, about Hello Kitty! I managed to collect all except the Singing Bone, which I'm sure everyone is aware of how ridiculous the sales of it turned out. A little sad, but hey whatever I just told myself that I'll just go to Hello Kitty Land and buy everything there to make myself feel better hehe.

This month we also brought K to her first ever movie - Monsters University! She sat through the first 20-30minutes and enjoyed it and then after that she was just completely restless and kept moving here and there. I bet it's the popcorn! Cos it's sweet and caused her to be active. Yes, she had popcorn, thanks to Daddy Li. I just decided to close one eye about it, afterall she's almost two and they feed her honey stars in you know I can't control what she eats forever!

July is a tough month to get through, and I only hope that we all get through it with minimal problems. Lots to do as well! Totally dreading July, but hey hey I'm looking forward to get July over and done with and welcome August with open arms cos it's my birthday month whoop whoop!

Hope you all had an enjoyable time with your kids during the June Holidays, and that July will be an even better month :)



    Pass it to you sometime next week 'cos im travelling this weekend. Sorry!