Thursday 18 July 2013

Kaitlin is 22 Months Old!

My babygirl is 22 months old!! I don't know why, but I'm just feeling so excited about it. Just like how I feel every other month, but this month it's just that bit more exciting. I think it's cos she's turning two real soon.

I can't believe she has came into my life for almost the past two years. Well she was already a part of me ever since she was in my belly and I've been loving every bit of her presence. Yes, including the moments she makes me turn into she-hulk. Well not quite the moment where I am angry, but after I've cooled down and I look back at her making me real mad, I can't hate her really. I feel like I love her even more after that. Yes, I know it's complicated.

The past week she has been a little bit cranky. I attribute it to her just growing up and feeling confused about herself cos she can't fully express herself. Something like teenage angst, but toddler angst. I just feel like she's at a stage where she wants to be independent and do things on her own, which is great. At the same time, I guess she also thinks that she can have everything her way, or wants it to be which is where she starts to throw her tantrums.

My approach is just to talk things out with her. Tell her to calm down first and slowly tell me what she wants. I'll give it to her if I can. If it's not the appropriate time for it, for example if she's not done eating but she wants to play I'll tell her to finish her food first and we'll play after. Try to distract her..and most of the time I've to use videos to do it. I'm not too happy about using videos to get her to stop her tantrums, but I usually only use it as a last resort.

She's also been crying quite a fair bit when I drop her off school for the past week which makes me really worried about what's going on. Great news is she didn't cry today!! It all started when Daddy Li dropped her off one of those days and ever since she's been crying when she gets to class.  Though her teachers feedback that she's being doing great in class, better attention span and is generally happy. I hope no kid is bullying her, cos there have been feedbacks before that other kids are a little rough like hitting her with toys or show too much affection o her that she finds it annoying. I think K's just a cool kid and is all like chill, though she loves to hug her friends goodbye when she leaves. I'm fine if it's the kids. They are afterall kids, and I can't really fault them. I just sure hope it ain't the teachers that are being too fierce or worse, abusing her D: I trust that the teachers aren't so I'm just gonna see how things go first.

More about K's progress:
Kaitlin is getting more and more verbal. It's a slow process, but I'm slightly relieved. She's behind in her speech development but I guess that's fine since she's ahead in the physical aspect.
She's learnt more words like 'wow', 'wet', 'towel', 'purple', 'red' 'stop', 'bad', 'apple', 'pear', 'cut', 'help','up', 'down', 'itchy' and 'keep'.
She's able to form short sentences like "I want walk" and "more milk"
Not forgetting, she can say "wo ai ni mama and papa" Yes. The whole sentence, not at one go, but she can repeat after me!
She can count "1,2" and then everything after that is two to her. I know of a girl younger than her who can count to ten, but hey I'm happy with my my girl's progress. That's good enough for me.

K is starting to use her potty! She has pooped a few times on her potty at home, and also pee-ed as well. Great news to us, and we are amazed. Even though it's poop, but hey hey new milestone to celebrate! Might blog about this soon.
She's been eating more fruits. My trick is letting her watch videos and get her to like the fruits first then I feed her without the video. My picky eater doesn't like to try new things so I've to let her taste it first. When she realises its yummy then she'll eat it.
Her favourite songs are "the wheels on the bus" and "incy wincy spider". She never gets tired of listening to them and always asks me to sing them by mimicking the actions of the songs.
Loves story time.
Been teaching her to say "please" and "thank you", so far she can say "thank":)
Kaitlin has been asking me to hug her!! Like last time she'll do it by actions. Now she says "hug, hug". This feeling is so awesome. Especially during bedtime she'll want me to hug her. At times, when she wakes up in the middle of the night, she'll say "hug" also. *heart melts*

K is a great little helper. She takes initiative and it's so wonderful seeing her grow up this way, being helpful and caring. For example, she'll take our shoes to us when she knows we are going to head out. She passes her Daddy his spectacles when he is still in bed and is going to get up.
She's been wanting to be independent, like refusing our help, or to hold our hands when walking. She'll really push our hands away.
She likes to label familiar objects, and act out the actions if she knows them. Like if she sees a butterfly, she'll twirl around and flap her hands. If she sees an apple in the book we're reading, she'll go dig out her apple toy and show me. It's so cute to see her get all excited about it.
Kaitlin is able to play with wooden blocks and big lego blocks and builds them up to quite high

Babygirl seems to understand her routine abit more. Sometimes she gets it wrong, but I feel that's ok. Like if we take the train and are alighting, she'll think we are going home and will say "home". Sometimes we are going home, but other times we are in fact going to school so I hope she isn't gonna get confused in the long run. When I pick her up from school she'll say "orh orh nap nap" when we are on the way back cos she knows we are heading home for her nap time.
She is going through a stage where she gets frustrated easily when she can't accomplish something such as trying to put her hand through the t-shirt arm hole. Slowly teaching her that it's alright and to slowly do it. I can see her wanting to do so many things on her own, and I understand that she gets upset when she can't so I'm not angry at all. I see it more as an opportunity to slowly teach her how to do it, and how to manage her anger and that it's alright if she fails.

Will update again next month about her progress so do check back if you're interested.

It's really great to be able to watch Kaitlin grow everyday and I see little bits of her that's similar to us. Sometimes I even imagine how she'll be like in the future! It's never easy looking after a child, but the best thing about taking care of K is seeing her happy and having fun being herself. Happy 22 months babygirl <3 i love you. always :)

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