Friday 12 July 2013

Our Experience with Drypers DryPantz

Having changed so many diapers for Kaitlin I can safely say that I'm more or less an expert already. I've dealt with my fair share of pee leaks and poo explosions, and having tried a few different brands of diapers, I'm lucky to have found one that does the job and is easy on the wallet.

We've been using Drypers since Kaitlin was a baby. During the first few weeks that she came into our lives, we used the "better diaper brands", but that was not being very wallet friendly. Thanks to our confinement nanny's suggestion of trying out Drypers, we found that it was just as good as the other brands. So ever since then, we've been using Drypers.

Now that Kaitlin has started school, we've had to switch to the pull-up pants version, simply cos it's easier for the teachers to do diaper changes and to potty train them. I'm not a fan of these elastic versions and much prefer those with the tapes, as I feel that they are not as comfortable. Since we don't have a choice, I decided to let K use the pull-up pants version from a well-known and one of the more expensive brands in the market. I was hoping that it would do a good job of preventing leakage and at the same time provide comfort for her. Well, it was doing an okay job preventing leakage, but wasn't comfortable. There would always be faint red lines around her hip area from the elastic band. Though she doesn't seem to mind it, I still think it's not something good.

Luckily, the opportunity to try out the Drypers DRYPantz came timely and we let Kaitlin put it to the test!

What I love about the new and improved Drypers DRYPantz:

Whenever I am buying something for Kaitlin, comfort is the most important factor to me. With pull-up pants, the elastic portion can get quite uncomfortable especially when the diaper gets more and more full. That is why even till now when K doesn't go to school I still use the Wee Wee Dry range as I prefer that they tapes provide more comfort. As compared to the other brands of pull-up pants, I found that the Drypers DRYPantz, hardly left any of those faint red lines seen whenever I changed Kaitlin's diapers. This is thanks to it's Flexi-Fit feature that has a soft waist elastic enabling a snug fit and I'm happy that this can allow K to go about her day comfortably.

Keeps Skin Dry
Kaitlin has sensitive skin, probably inherited from me. Since young, she was prone to having nappy rash even though we change her diapers frequently and keep the area as dry as possible. Now, it's gotten much better. Though to be on the safe side, I still look out for diapers that are able to absorb the pee effectively, and keep the baby/child's bottom dry. I'm happy to say that though Drypers may seem like it wouldn't do a good job cos of it's slightly cheaper price, it actually does a great job of keep Kaitlin's bottom dry with it's Activ-Core feature. Kaitlin can now wear the same diaper for 4-5 hours without any rashes appearing after, and her bottom doesn't have that moist icky feel.

No Leakage
We have experienced a few leakage incidents using diapers from other brands when Kaitlin's asleep and have had to change her diapers in the middle of the night to prevent them from happening. Since trying out the Drypers DRYPantz, we haven't experienced any problem yet. Now I don't have to wake up and change her diaper and then worry that I would accidentally wake her up during the diaper change. I hope there really won't be any more future leakage incidents :)

Cost Efficient
Being one of the more affordable brands in the diaper market, Drypers is really wallet-friendly! Also, the fact that it's able to do it's job well - being a comfortable diaper that ensures long-last dryness and prevents leakages mean less diaper changes which saves you even more money in the long run.

Besides all of that, I love how pretty the diapers look. They give of such a cheery feel, which makes diaper changing less bleagh. It is also easy to identify the front and back of the diaper. Being a first time mom, the first weeks of changing diapers didn't go quite well for me. As idiot-proof as it seems, I did at times wear the diaper the wrong side for Kaitlin. However, I found Drypers to be useful in helping me with their back' label. 

So for first-time moms, I recommend that you do give Drypers a try. We've been long time users of their Wee Wee Dry range, and now I'm starting to love their Drypantz range! I think even Kaitlin is liking the diapers!

With less time spent on changing diapers, I am able to spend more time doing fun things with Kaitlin..just like this:

If you would like to give Drypers a try, you can get free samples over here!

Disclaimer: We received a few packs of Dryper DryPantz for the purpose of this user experience post. All opinions and view are my own and was not influenced by any external factors.