Tuesday 6 August 2013

MT Expo in Singapore

Last Friday evening we were in town, and with nowhere to go I decided to bring all of us to the MT Expo at ION Art Gallery, located at level 4. I initially wanted to go by myself on another day to save Daddy Li from the boredom, but I'm glad I brought him and Kaitlin along cos Daddy Li actually liked it and K had fun!

I felt like I was in washi wonderland when I stepped in cos the walls...and floors were decorated in washi tape! It was just so colourful and whimsy..super love! Now, if you didn't know about washi tape, you wouldn't even have thought that the all the prettiness came from tape!

One of the first things that caught my eyes were the beautiful washi paper balls! There was a little bit of nostalgia there cos I used to play with paper balls from the bookshop when I was young..and these balls were so colorful and pretty and there were also larger life-sized balls.

What's a washi expo without being able to bring home your own MT washi tapes? There were lots of designs on sale such as the ones from their latest 2013 Summer Collection and even the CASA ones for decorating your home. Sadly when we went, the limited edition Singapore ones were sold out, but I heard that they've recently stocked them up again! You can check their FB page for more detailed updates.

They've also got gacha machines where you can try your luck at getting limited edition tapes, and even if you don't, you still get to go home with other pretty tapes.
Besides that, there are areas where they've provided washi tapes for your to decorate whatever and however you want. There were mostly adults at this area, but not to worry, kids can also try their hand at decorating with washi tapes in these little houses. All of which had lots of washi tapes, including the CASA ones.

Daddy Li ended up liking the washi tapes as well. Surprise surprise, cos he usually thinks these kind of things are frivolous and a waste of space and money. That's just men for you. In the end though, he was thinking of having washi on the walls in our house..so we'll see..maybe perhaps we'll washi our walls/furniture soon!

In case you're interested here are the details for the MT Expo

MT Expo
ION Orchard Art Gallery, Level 4
Opens daily from now till 11 August 2013, 10am-10pm

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