Friday 9 August 2013

National Day 2012

I am totally aware that my title says 'National Day 2012' and not 2013, well that's cos I realised I did not blog about how we spent National Day last year..thus, I shall now!

Honestly I can't really remember much of what we did that day other than have a picnic at the here are some visuals!

Gosh, doesn't Kaitlin look so tiny?! She was barely a year old when we took these pictures. In about a month's time, she'll be celebrating her second birthday. Like what just happened in the past year?! How did my baby become a toddler so fast! This totally makes me treasure every single moment that I spend with her even more.

Well, this National Day we didn't do was kind of just like any other day except that K and Daddy Li slept in till reallyyyyy late! Like 9+am Yes, that's late in baby world. She woke up even before 7am on Thursday so yeah you get what I mean. I cooked us Sheperd's Pie for lunch and Daddy Li and I baked chocolate cupcakes. Well, he did most of it..I just helped him measure some ingredients and scoop the batter and monitor the cupcakes while they were in the oven cos I was busy cooking the pie and clearing the kitchen. No photos of both though :( Was too ganchiong to eat our lunch and the cupcakes had no frosting so no point taking picture luh. K took her nap and after she woke up we headed to my in-laws and that was that. A really simple day, but I'm happy cos I get to spend it with my family. That's what matters right! 

Hope all you readers have a lovely long weekend :D Happy National Day and Happy Hari Raya :) 

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