Friday 13 September 2013

Turning Two!

Kaitlin's birthday is coming up next week, as a matter of fact it's less than 5 days away...and uh..preparation wise...I've not started at all and I'm not kidding! I should definitely get cracking but well I thought I should blog first just cos I'm feel all lovey dovey and I'm having this happy and "aww" feeling - basically feeling super motherly and nostalgic.

Yes, I'm a very sentimental and nostalgic person. Every week, there will be some point of time where I will just look through the near 5,000 photos in my phone. Of which almost 98% are photos of Kaitlin and 1.5% food, and the last 0.5% photos of Daddy Li and me or well..shameless selfies. I always find myself scrolling up to the oldest photo cos I always miss the "baby-ness" of Kaitlin. I love her very much as she is now..but you know it's always nice to look back to see how tiny she was and how much she has grown.

So well, as a pre-celebration for K's birthday, I decided to compile some of my favourite photos of the babygirl that I've mostly not posted up before. That's actually more, but any more would be a little too much.

She went from being so tiny and after a few months she started to grow all chubby, and oh my I loved her chubby arms and thighs so much hehe. Before we knew it, she was flipping, crawling, cruising and walking. Now, she's often running and jumping around. She's growing up so fast, but whatever it is, she'll always be my babygirl <3

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  1. She's so cute! Especially the second photo from the left in the second row! Haha, what a cute way to sleep!

    Thanks for linking up :D

    1. Hehe thanks Mabel! She really did sleep that way while napping. I don't know how she got into that position but it was pretty cute and funny.