Thursday 17 October 2013

Children's Day 2013!

This year was kind of the first official year that we celebrated Children's Day with even though it's way past that day it's still a post worth penning down and one that I hope will bring a smile to K's face when she reads this.

K had no school on Children's Day so it was actually a day I was looking forward to. It's been awhile since we last spent a weekday morning together, so this was just what we mother and daughter needed..okay well I'm not sure about her..but I definitely did think that way haha!

Well..our morning started off early. It has to be that way, doesn't it? On normal school days, it's such a chore to wake her up and she cries cos she's not ready to wake up..but when it comes to weekends..public holidays..days like Children's Day there's an automatic clock in her that goes off -.- I'm sure any parent reading this knows exactly what I mean. So..obviously I was hoping for us to start our day a little later than usual, and also for *ahem* myself to sneak in another extra half an hour or so of sleep..but well since K was up that means time for mommy to be up!

We had our usual breakfast and shower and headed out for some fun! It was kinda hard deciding where to bring Kaitlin cos there were just so many fun places I wanted to bring her but I eventually made up my mind. Our first stop was Tiong Bahru Park so that Kaitlin could play at the playground!

K loves to play the swing so that was the whole purpose of bringing her there. Most people might not know..but Kaitlin is terrified of sand. Like if she sees it she will start panicking and then screaming and crying as if I hit her -.- So yeah surprisingly even though she is scared of sand she can sit on the swing. Well of course at first she was hesistant but after trying it out and realising how fun it is she is fine with it. But the sand...she's still afraid of it. Idk why, but it's probably the texture. So it's been quite a pity cos we can't play at beaches and build sandcastles and all but I guess it's kind of a phase and she will eventually like to play with sand.

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Besides the swing, K also played with a few of those rocking rides. I don't actually know what they are called..but she really enjoyed herself and I like outings like these..where we get to have fun outdoors.

After that, we headed over to Great World City to look at rabbits! Kaitlin had been asking to see rabbits the whole morning before we headed to the playground, so of course I granted her wish.

I know K looks quite unhappy in the below picture, but she's really just trying to imitate the rabbit sniffing with it's nose. It's actually quite funny and she can also imitate the baby drinking water from the bottle!

After observing the rabbits, K got to take a kiddy ride before we bought sushi cos she wanted some. The babygirl couldn't wait to eat it so she had some before we headed home and I kept the rest for her tea time.

Needless to say, when we got home for her nap time, she quickly drifted off to sleep. Woke up, and it was time for her tea break..

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If you're wondering what's she's avocado and sushi!

When she finished her tea break, I brought the babygirl out so that we could surprise Daddy Li when he ended work, and surprised he was! We had dinner at home and then...

we ended off her Children's Day celebration with Cronuts! Yes, she got to have it all..the cream..the sugar and a happy girl she was, and so were we!

It was a really fun day celebrating with Kaitlin and doing the things she wanted for a change. Sometimes, I feel we get so caught up with having to cross off things on our to-do list or doing things that we want that we tend to neglect what the kids this day was specially just for her..doing what she wanted. Of course, it shouldn't just been done a few times a year (her birthday, children's day etc) so I'm gonna try to make a more conscious effort to listen to what K wants and let her have her fun instead of always deciding what we we should do.

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