Tuesday 22 October 2013

Kaitlin is 25 months old!

Five days ago, Kaitlin turned 25 months old. It amazes me how fast it has been, cos it really did feel like we just celebrated her birthday..and speaking of which I'm not even done with posting about it D: 

Well, this month there hasn't been much of any new milestones, but more of Kaitlin improving and basically being a real sponge. She has been absorbing the words we speak, and things we do around the house really quickly which is great of course. I don't know how she does it..but I'm amazed. I mean I've read up that kids below 5/6 years old absorb information really fast, and are quick learners but like to see it happening is really quite cool.

Here's what's been happening the past month:

Kaitlin is particular about whose item belongs to who. Probably learnt from being in a school setting. For example if I am using a pink cup and then Daddy Li drinks from it she will start saying "mama one" indicating that no one else should be using it except me. I guess this is in a way a good thing cos it ensures that no germs are passed.
She's able to play and imagine. For example, she pretends that an ez-link card/block is a train and goes "choo-choo"
Able to turn door knobs
Able to count to six in Mandarin
Can identify the colour orange and purple
She likes to play Ring Around The Roses
Kaitlin is able to name her friends and teachers
Likes to play with blocks and kitchen toys

Enjoys counting and going through the ABCs
Likes to seek our attention. Will call out for us, but for no particular reason.
At times, says 'I love you' and 'I miss you' on her own
Nap duration has reduced
Kaitlin is getting better at climbing and can walk up and down most staircases on her own without holding on to our hands/any railings
So much more active and is very agile
Able to say 'Please' and 'Thank You' at times without prompting
Afraid of sand but loves to walk on grassy areas
Afraid of the pool as we haven't been going recently
Loves to drink fresh milk and eat bread

That's about it..or well..about all I can remember! She's really growing so fast I can hardly keep up, but it's a good thing of course and I'm happy. We just went for her feet/leg check up today and as usual we just have to wait and monitor the situation yearly. For now, I'm just really thankful that it has not affected her physically and that she's able to move around like a normal kid, and in fact is slightly faster than her peers. I just hope that the situation will get better, and even if it doesn't I'll still love and treasure her all the same. Love you always babygirl <3

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