Tuesday 10 December 2013

Home Learning - Decorating a Christmas Tree

I kind of took a pause with the home learning activities at home..but now I'm back! I just did an activity with Kaitlin this afternoon to get her more excited for Christmas. I say more because she already is quite excited about it. She'll say "Christmas is coming" and she can sing a little of 'Jingle Bells'. Yes I taught her that but she says it on her own when she sees Christmas related objects and starts singing randomly or when she sees the Christmas tree at home. Sometimes, she'll want to on the Christmas tree lights too.

Our home learning activity was to decorate a Christmas Tree using stickers! Of course you can use any other materials like pom pom balls and twine, but stickers are the easiest and I kind of prepared this whole activity in less than 5 minutes which explains the not so nicely cut tree.

Before we started, I asked Kaitlin if she wanted to decorate a Christmas tree. At first she said yes and wanted a "big one" (she was referring to the Christmas tree at home) but I told her she's so small and she might not be able to decorate an actual big tree.

So since Kaitlin said yes, I quickly cut up the tree. I showed Kaitlin the book we had been reading about Christmas and pointed out the tree to her and took the chance to teach and reinforce words like "christmas tree", "ornaments" and "baubles". 

I also pointed out to her the ornaments on the tree in her book and told her let's decorate with these stickers and there she went decorating without needing any further help or instructions. It was quite cute seeing her so serious about it and I was quite surprised she could take out the dot stickers herself cos they were pretty tiny.

Kaitlin was able to correctly name to colours when I asked her. She could also identify shapes like  "heart" and "star".

After pointing out the star at the top of the christmas tree in her storybook, Kaitlin finished off decorating hers the same way. When she was done, I asked her if she wanted to show it to anyone and she said she wanted to show it to her friends and Daddy Li and even started naming her friends in class. Some names came up three times!

It was a really simple no-mess (yay!) activity, but I think she learnt quite a fair bit while having some fun. She had the opportunity to decorate on her own independently, and got to practise her fine motor skills, observation and communication skills. I think next up..I'm gonna prepare a bigger tree or perhaps a snowman since she seems to like the activity alot. 

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