Friday 20 December 2013

Kaitlin is 27 months old!

Kaitlin turns 27 months old on Tuesday, and wow..this past month we witnessed a significant milestone..and that is that Kaitlin has stopped breastfeeding!

Aside from that, here are some her other milestones,

Kaitlin wakes up lesser times than before. There were a few occasions where she slept at least 7 hours straight. However, recently she has been waking a bit more frequently.
Since she has stopped breastfeeding, Kaitlin's appetite has increased especially in the first two weeks.
Her milk powder intake has also increased but she's not drinking as much as her peers.
Kaitlin's able to play with her blocks and builds them pretty high, she also likes to use them to build aeroplanes. They don't look like aeroplanes, but it's a great use of imagination. She also likes to knock them over at times.
Kaitlin also likes to us to take a look a what she's built.

She's quite into soft toys now. She had this bear which she brought everywhere for almost two weeks, but now she has shown interest in other soft toys. Poor teddy!
She will look after her soft toys, such as clearing their "poop", and getting them to sit properly during story time.
Loves to scribble and colour. Shes's in the drawing circles stage!
She knows how to direct us to the naughty corner when we've done something wrong.
She's been expressing herself abit more by saying "I'm angry" or "I'm sad". I'm not sure if she really feels that way cos sometimes we aren't even doing anything to her and she randomly says it and looks like she is playing and imitating us.
She's into her scooter, but recently she had her first scrape and she wasn't so into it anymore. In fact she was pretty clingy after that..hoping that she'll want to play with again.
Kaitlin is more aware of what's happening and will express that she wants or does not want to do a particular activity, like sleeping or showering, but wants to play instead.

Kaitlin is able to answer certain questions as well, such as what she ate in school.
She's pretty particular and choosy of her utensils and her milk. Some days she'll want her barney spoon or hello kitty spoon, some days she'll want the princess cup for milk and hello kitty cup for water. She'll be specific about it and if she doesn't get it, she won't be too happy. She'll sometimes want fresh milk and when we tell her her powder milk is fresh milk, she'll know it is not and continue asking for fresh milk.
Kaitlin has started to ask 'why', but currently we feel it's more of for the sake of asking than really being curious. In any case, we still reply where we can.
She is able to call for us when she wants to and sometimes will shout when she gets excited
Common words and phrases include "so funny", "lolx", and "i like you"

She has learnt from observation that I like to take pictures of things when I happen to  say it's "so cute" or "it's pretty" so when I do say "oh that's pretty" she would want to take her toy camera and try to take a picture. Sometimes, she wants to take a picture of us, could be using her toy camera or our phone.Though she doesn't really know how to actually take a photo using our phone, but she has fun snapping away.
Kaitlin knows which sign in the lift is for 'close'.
She can recognise certain numbers like '4'.
Kaitlin knows her own English and Chinese name. According to her teachers, she knows the names of her classmates in Chinese as well.
She has taken a liking to her classmate at her weekend class and looks forward to going because of her. K also likes to hold hands with her!

She is able to name actions like "jumping" and "bouncing" and do them.
She has developed a bad habit of throwing things for fun.
Uses different tones when communicating
Can hold short conversations
She is able to sing more songs and nursery rhymes, sometimes in full sentences. She can sing ABC, Happy Birthday, Baa Baa Black Sheep pretty well.
When we walk past an oven, she'll say "for baby and me" because of the nursery rhyme 'Pat a Cake' where the cake is placed in the over for baby.

When she gets frustrated, she would kick or hit us or anything near her. Sometimes, she would start screaming and wailing. Looks like she isn't going to get past the 'terrible twos' stage anytime soon..but it's part of the growing up process. We definitely don't like having to deal with her tantrums but I'm pretty sure every other kid out there at this age would be doing the same. It's already kind of good that she behaves at school so it's only when she is around us, the people who she is most comfortable with that she sometimes behaves this way. We don't give in all the time because we don't condone certain kinds of behaviour, so in a way I guess we are also teaching her what can or cannot be done and that whining or crying doesn't mean that she'll get her way.

The next month is going to be quite an "exciting" one. K's going to going up to Nursery level, that means a new classroom, new teachers and new classmates. Oh, I'm pretty sure there will be tears and she will be feeling that's going to be a whole rollercoaster ride. On the other hand, it's also a way for her to learn to adapt and cope with changes. It's not going to be fun dealing with her insecurities and of course I'll feel sad seeing her cry, but I believe that all this will do her some good..and kids really do adapt well so I think she'll do just fine (I hope she does!)

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