Sunday 8 December 2013

Kaitlin's Playgroup Year-End Concert

Kaitlin's school had their year-end concert last Friday and boy was I excited for it!! I think I was more excited than Kaitlin and it was such a special day for Kaitlin and us.
The concert was held at the Singapore Post Theatrette. Lucky for her playgroup class, they did not have to arrive as early as the other kids so Kaitlin got to wake up at her usual time. We dropped her off so that she could prepare with her teachers and friends, while Daddy Li and I had some rare couple time where we mostly stoned and eagerly waited for the performance to start.

After the usual speech and all..the show was about to begin! We got to see slideshows of all the kids in the school and of course I had to snap away when they showed Kaitlin's class. Basically it was a compilation of them in class and also during their rehearsals for their performance.

Seeing them practice for the performance totally made my heart melt! It's like they did all that for us?! And they are only 2! They may not know that the performance was for us, but the fact that they practice and then did it on stage later was such a sweet moment that I almost teared.

Here's the performance:

I didn't edit it at all and it's a little shaky here and there. If you get to the end of the video, you'll realise that Kaitlin didn't move much as in she didn't do most of the actions but that was totally fine by us. I think it was already awesome enough that she went on stage and didn't start crying. In fact, I'm not too sure if she saw us while on stage, but as you can see in the video she seemed to be looking at us for awhile.

Oh...I don't know how to really describe the entire moment. It was such a mix of being excited and us trying to snap and film away that when the performance ended I was like "what just happened?!" cos there were just so many emotions. Thankfully though we had the video above so I could totally re-watch (I've already watched it at least like 5 times over hehe!) it and see what really went on.

We spent the rest of the concert with K seated with us, which was a great move on the school's part cos obviously all the small kids would want to be with their parents. Kaitlin basically just snacked the whole way through the other performances. She wouldn't stop eating all her puffs that by the end she had almost finished all of it. Thankfully she was a good girl as well and didn't get cranky or fidgety at all. We didn't stay through to the end of the concert like we had wanted to cos of K's naptime. Luckily the only time she got cranky was when we got on the cab to leave and by then she was starting to get tired so it was totally understandable.

Daddy Li and I are both very proud of our little girl. It's not just this performance that made us feel this way..but in a way the concert was kind of the icing on the cake. I think the performance just shows how much Kaitlin has grown since she's started school. She definitely picked up both good and bad habits, but I think it's safe to say there are more good ones than bad. I remember how it was such a tough search looking for her school and how undecided I felt. Even on the first week of school, watching her cry in tears totally made my heart ache and I always questioned if I did the right thing and I always did consider if I should just pull her out from school. After the performance, I finally felt like I did do something right after all..and I feel even more assured that Kaitlin's doing just fine in class.

With the year coming to an end, I'm definitely getting a little worried about how Kaitlin is going to adjust to moving up to Nursery level with new classmates, a new classroom and new teachers. I know it's not going to be a smooth transition, but I can only hope for the best. And like always, I'll just have to hold her hands, hug it out with her and reassure her that it will all be fine.


To my dearest Kaitlin, you've done mommy and daddy so very proud, and we are so happy with how much you've learnt and achieved. You've always been surprising us with what you've learnt and what you are capable of doing. Sure, you might be slower than your peers in certain aspects and I was always the worry wart, but we really couldn't ask for more from you. As for Nursery, we'll get through whatever transition you've to make Kaitlin, mommy will always be here. Always. For now, just enjoy the rest of the school year my little sweetheart!

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