Wednesday 4 December 2013

Mid-Week Musings

I haven't been posting much videos of Kaitlin on my blog mainly cos I post most of it on my Instagram account. Today though, I'm finally back with Mid-Week Musings!

If you're a new reader or haven't seen any of my previous Mid-Week Musings posts, they are just snippets of our everyday life with Kaitlin, who never fails to surprise and amuse us. I hope to keep the posts a constant thing like how they were in the past..but we'll have to see.

For's this week's video

In case you can't hear the audio very's what happened. K was basically drinking her milk with her new teddy bear seated on the other chair. I wanted to seat where the teddy bear was seated but she said "it's bear bear chair" and she just had to pout. So I suggested seating on the floor which we always remind her not to cos of her rashes so she "moved bear bear" and offered me her teddy bear's seat. She also later remembered that no one should seat on the table so she said "don't seat on the table hor". Also, a new phrase she picked up this week was "okie dokie" which sometimes sounds like "okie okie" when she says it.

I find it pretty fascinating how she picks things up so fast. I mean I've read all about how kids are like sponges etc, but it's amazing to see it for yourself. Kids learn in so many ways, not just from what you teach or tell them, but also through observing their main caretakers. In our case, that's us so it's always very important for us to be mindful of our actions and behaviour. That's something that I find I've to constantly remind myself about cos as humans, sometimes we do get lazy or mistakes.

For more videos, check out my Instagram or view some of the past uploads on YouTube here :)

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