Wednesday 11 December 2013

Mid-Week Musings

Sharing two videos this week! These actually weren't taken this week..but I wanted to share them anyway.

The first below shows Kaitlin identifying colours. Her school had been on the colour theme the previous term, and I'm glad that she knows most of her colours already. Now it's on to trying to get her to learn them in Mandarin.


I had actually posted the video below on Instagram but took it here it is!

I let Kaitlin watched My Little Pony just to see if she would like the show and she did! She said she wanted to read her pony book as well cos I had just bought her a My Little Pony pop-up book set and she's been loving it. At the end of the video Kaitlin says "Hello Pony"! We didn't continue watching the entire show though cos there was some magical part later on and Kaitlin said it was "scary" and wanted to change the video. It's quite funny and I think it's damn awesome that she loves ponies and unicorns just like me :D

Happy Mid-Week! We're nearing the weekends :)

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