Friday 3 January 2014

December [ in pictures ]

December felt like such a rushed month. I admit that I had wanted to complete quite a number of things on my to-do list, but sadly I have not even started on more than half of it. What a bleak way to end of 2013, but it is what it is, so I shall just do whatever I have yet to finish in 2014.

December also felt like a month of celebrations. Looking back, I'm glad to have been able to meet with close friends before the year came to an end. So very thankful to have them in my life, and it was just what I needed to make 2013 end off on great note.

Besides that, I got to spend a little more time with Daddy Li because of Christmas and New Year's. It was nice to have him around abit more and I shall be selfish and childish to admit that I wish he would be around more. Don't be quick to judge me alright. It's just what I would prefer, but of course it is not going to happen. I mean who would not want their other half, and the father of their child to be around more to spend family time together. In a perfect world, everyone would want that right! So while that isn't going to happen anytime soon, I am thankful to have been able to have him around a wee bit more.

We are into the new year already, and I shall leave whatever I have left to reflect and say about 2013 and going on to 2014 for another post. Something different this year is that Daddy Li and I have yet to make any resolutions for the new year. I'm still thinking if I want to or not, cos honestly who really looks back on their resolutions and have achieved at least half of them, or who even remembers what they are? I'm sure there are those who do achieve whatever they have set out to do, but I'm pretty sure majority of us give up or forget about it halfway through. I definitely want to set resolutions but if I'm not gonna bother about them halfway through (I know myself, sigh) then that's abit pointless. But oh well, we'll see. So far, 2014 has started out pretty slow for me. Hoping to get some sort of drive and enthusiasm for the new year within the next week or so. For's birthday planning for the husband who's birthday falls on Monday!

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