Tuesday 14 January 2014

Home Learning - Vegetable and Fruit Stamp Painting

This home learning activity was done quite a while back when Kaitlin's class was on the vegetables and fruits theme. It's a simple vegetable and fruit stamping activity which I'm sure many of us have enjoyed doing when we were kids ourselves.

All you need for this activity is some paints, newspaper and tissue (in case of any mess), and not forgetting a variety of different vegetables and fruits. You can also cut out shapes from potatoes but that was a little time consuming for us, so I just stuck to using produce that had different shapes and that were colorfully so as to interest K.

It all started with Kaitlin choosing the colours she wanted and she got a chance to squeeze out the paint herself. Very first time! So I helped her out a little at first. She enjoyed opening and closing the paints and squeezing them out. I took the opportunity to teach her about colours as well.

Kaitlin was a little hesitant to touch the fruits and veggies. She's not the kind who likes to get her hands dirty and touch objects she isn't familiar with so it took some time before she warmed up. 

Eventually she did, and her favourite was the ladyfinger! I think it's probably cos it was the smallest and seemed the least intimidating to her. Seeing her stamp away, made Daddy Li and I want to join in the fun too, and we did! Don't judge okay, it was fun and nostalgic relieving our childhood days even if it was for just five minutes.

It wasn't long before Kaitlin didn't want to continue cos her hands got more dirty, so we stopped the activity. Despite that, K herself was super proud of what she did and kept showing the finished artwork to us even after the next few days. We decided to laminate them to keep and show K when she grows up! I'm thinking that they might even be going for use as placemats since they are laminated and any dirt can be easily wiped off, plus it might be a great conversation starter for the girl. Another chance for her to practise her conversation skills perhaps.