Sunday 19 January 2014

Kaitlin is 28 months old!

It only occurred to me recently that Kaitlin will be turning 2 and a half years old really soon, and not long later I will have to plan for her 3rd birthday! Pretty exciting but I'm also feeling a little sad that she's growing up so fast. I know I am supposed to be happy, and I honestly am, but she is growing up so fast that I wish time would freeze so that I could enjoy each and every one of her milestones a little longer. It's just a wonderful feeling to see her learn new things and improve on what she already knows.

Honestly, the kid totally amazes me. It's like I read about how fast babies and toddlers learn and to see her do that is just WOW! She might not be the fastest or most advanced amongst her peers, but I think what she is able to do and how fast she learns and adapts is pretty amazing.

Here are some of Kaitlin's more significant milestones:

Able to reply questions
Asks why and what
Drinking more formula milk but prefers fresh milk
Eating bigger portions
Likes to eat watermelon
Able to sing English and Mandarin nursery rhymes
Loves singing and dancing

Likes to read by herself
More independent, doesn't want our help and wants to do it herself, and makes it known to us 
Love to jump on the bed
Enjoys playing with blocks and imagining them to be trains or airplanes
Talks to herself at times
Able to count 1-10 without skipping numbers in between in both English and Mandarin
Likes to paint
Able to draw circles

Has developed a sense of humor, and tries to do things to make us laugh
Able to recount events that happened earlier in the day or even a few days before
Kaitlin sometimes uses a mix of English and Mandarin words together
She speaks some Singlish phrases too, which is pretty funny to hear
Likes to repeat certain phrases that she hears us say and that she finds amusing
Her Mandarin has a slight ang moh accent at times
She has a naughty corner, and at times when she does realize she has not been a very good girl, she'll say she wants to go there
No longer confused with using 'you', 'me' and 'I'

Likes to dance
At times, she is able to find ways to entertain herself
Loves singing ABC and counting 1-10 to herself
Likes to look at other kids e.g. neigbours swimming at the pool
Interacts with her soft toy and engages in pretend play, teaching them what is right and wrong
Does most of her toileting needs at her potty
Able to sleep through the night most of the time. If she wakes up she can usually go back to sleep quite fast as long as I'm around
At times, she is pro-active about keeping her toys after she is down and before moving on to the next activity

Likes to delay nap and sleeptime
Doesn't wake up early on her own on school days, on weekends she'll auto wake up early *sigh*
Understands the concept of now and later.
Is not so afraid of getting a haircut as before
Able to put on and take out her shoes and keep them
Able to wear shorts on her own
Knows her daily routine quite well and will talk about it. When she knows what she is supposed to do next and doesn't want it she will say. E.g. after lunch is story time and after that is shower time. If she doesn't want to shower, straight after story time she'll let us know.

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