Sunday 26 January 2014

Visiting Farmart

Late last year, I surprised Daddy Li and Kaitlin by bringing them to Farmart. It was our first time there..and since it was a quite a distance away from home, we set off early. 

That's Kaitlin, all excited to leave the house! I had wanted to bring them in the morning, but by the time we reached CCK, it was almost time for Kaitlin to nap and I was afraid she would get cranky. So after we had our breakfast, Kaitlin napped at Grandma's.

When babygirl woke up and had her tea time, we set off for Farmart.

Farmart provides shuttle services from the bus stop opposite Lot One, so that's how we made our way there. When we reached, the place wasn't crowded, and most of the shops had closed. However, we were still able to check out the animals.

The first we spotted were these really beautiful birds. Now, I'm not quite the 'bird' person, and never thought that birds were interesting..but these few birds that were there made me see the beauty in them. It was quite amazing to see their brightly coloured feathers, and how smart these creatures actually are.

Of course we had to visit the rabbits! We bought some food to feed them, as well as other animals like guinea pigs, hamsters and goats. Besides that, we could also feed the fish, turtles and frogs.
I'm so glad that Kaitlin was such a brave girl, and fed the rabbits. She enjoyed it so much that she only stop when there was only a few sticks left.

I felt that it was also great that we managed to go through the farm theme with Kaitlin that we had previously done at home. It made Kaitlin more interested of what was going on around her, and she seemed to really enjoy herself. 

I would definitely recommend visiting Farmart. It's definitely not as awesome as the Zoo, but I think it's just right for toddlers. It's a smaller area and the animals there are all pretty tame, so it's just right for the younger ones. Also, it's not as crowded or at least at the time that we went..which was about 3/4pm. If you are thinking of checking out Farmart, do note that they also have eateries and tours as well so you can grab lunch or a light snack while you're there. Not forgetting, admission is free. 

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