Sunday 16 February 2014

Conversations with Kaitlin

These days, we've been able to have short conversations with Kaitlin and most of the time they are pretty funny or she just says the cutest things I feel like squishing her cheeks (don't judge!)

K: (asks Daddy) You want to wear shorts (referring to my shorts)?
D: No, I'm not fat enough. I cannot wear.
K: (thinks for awhile) You fat enough!

That's my girl alright! Siding her mommy :D

Pi Gu
K: I have pi gu, Mommy have pi gu, Daddy have pi gu, everybody have pi gu
Me: what has the biggest pi gu?
K: Mommy biggest

Me: You want to go clubbing?
K: No
Me: You go before?
K: Yes
Me: Yes?! Who bring you?
K: Uh..Auntie!
*starts dancing and jumping away*

Oh trust me, we have not exposed her to the clubbing scene in any way at all!


  1. Haha so cute! =) Awesome to record all these conversations down right? Bring back so much sweet memories next time. =) Kaitlin is a smart and pretty little girl! =) Just like Mummy!

    1. Yes Summer I want to look back on all these memories cos you know how we moms can become so forgetful. Sometimes she says funny things and I'm like I so need to remember what she says and then record it down and then most of the time I end up forgetting what she says -.- haha and aww..thanks for your compliments, totally made my day :)