Tuesday 11 February 2014

Home Learning - Cupcake Decorating

Since Valentine's Day is coming up, I thought I would do some Valentine's related activities with Kaitlin so I got Kaitlin to decorate a cupcake for the husband. I got the printable from Busy Little Bugs, got the husband to print it out and prepared some "decorations" for her to choose from.

You can use just about anything for the decorations. I had some left over foam paper from another project so I just cut them out to be like little sprinkles, and added some pom pom balls for her. Midway through the activity, I took out some sequins as well. I gave her a variety of materials in different sizes so that she could practise her fine motor skills while picking the decorations and pasting them.

Though it wasn't decorating a real cupcake, Kaitlin totally enjoyed it that she wanted to decorate another one.

I didn't get to teach her many new words for this activity but it was cute seeing her say sprinkles cos it sounded like 'pinkles' and glue became 'blue'. I think it ended up being more play than learning, but well in a way I guess you could consider it learning through play.

It was also a good opportunity to teach her to show her appreciation to Daddy for all that he has done. Appreciation and being grateful are important values, and I hope for Kaitlin to grow up with these values.

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