Thursday 20 February 2014

Kaitlin is 29 months old!

Able to give simple instructions, like teach us how to clap our hands
Has started potty training in school, and is doing well with few accidents
Once she tells us she needs to go to the toilet and when told to control and wait before we get to the toilet, she is able to do so.
Has recently liked swimming in the pool again
Likes to describe things/objects as tiny/small/big
Vocabulary is growing by the day and she is communicating more

Enjoys a good tickle and us chasing after her
Enjoys doing table top activities
Likes to complain (e.g. if her daddy taps her, she will come and tell me)
Is more independent, and likes to reaffirm that she is a big girl and can do more things on her own now
Starting to show awareness of other people's feelings
Knows the names of the days of the week
Turns book pages to find her favourite part or picture and explains what's going on

Enjoys doing puzzles
Starting to choose her clothing such as the type of underpants or leggings she wants
Isn't as afraid of sand as before
Starting to use words like 'because' and 'then' to explain
Loves raisins, her baby puffs, watermelon, cheese and yoghurt
Isn't afraid of paints 'dirty-ing' her hands anymore
Starting to be a little rebellious (terrible twos when will you be gone :()
Likes to imitate what we say and the tone used
Able to do a few expressions like happy, sad, shocked and angry
If she wants or needs something like a toy that's high up and she can't reach, she'll push her chair and climb up to get it herself
Loves to run around in open spaces

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