Tuesday 25 February 2014

Our First Family Zoo Trip!

We finally brought Kaitlin to the Zoo!!

Yes, something that I'm super happy about. We've been wanting to bring her for some time now, but for logistical reasons, we always put the idea off. If you're a parent, I'm sure you would most definitely agree that distance and toddlers don't go well together. Not forgetting, nap times and the whole long list of 'what if''s.

So well, on the day after Valentine's we finally decided to just take a chance on all the 'what if's' and boy am I glad we did! I think now is also about the right age where Kaitlin will enjoy the Zoo. She was able to identify familiar animals and also tell us what animals she wanted to see.

We left the house early and while on the way to the zoo, we bought our tickets online (to beat the queues and waiting time) and entertained the babygirl which was pretty easy to do cos we took selfies!

Thankfully Kaitlin listened to us to sit on her pram or to walk instead of being carried around the whole time. We mostly only carried her so she could see the animals.

We got to catch the Elephant Show where Daddy Li carried Kaitlin throughout. Towards the end of the show, Kaitlin started to get fidgety and wanted to leave so we went for lunch at Ah Meng Restaurant. Kaitlin started to get a little cranky as it was near her nap time but I'm glad she didn't have a meltdown and finished her lunch after much coaxing then it was back to exploring. 

When we got to Kidz World, we let Kaitlin take the carousel and oohhh it was so much fun and it was just her and another kid. Daddy Li filmed the entire ride but I can't seem to rotate it and get it to the right size so I can't post it here, but seriously I can't wait to sit on more carousels with her and Daddy Li (and preferably overseas!). At Kidz World, there is also the water playground which I was hoping that Kaitlin might like (it looks so much fun, I wish I was a kid again!) but she didn't want to go near it at all -.- I know. Like what?! But oh well, I guess when she is a little older, she might like it and go all havoc.

By the time we were done with Kidz World, we were all exhausted so we didn't continue viewing the rest of the exhibits that we had missed. But it's okay cos I think we'll definitely go back there again to check them out and also to see the animals that we couldn't see cos they were sleeping or just not well. Oh and of course to catch more animals shows and perhaps get a chance to feed them as well. I'm also looking forward to bringing Kaitlin to River Safari to check out the pandas and have panda baos but first she needs to grow taller so we can bring her on the boat ride.

I'm just so glad that Kaitlin was mostly on good behaviour if not that would have ruined the mood of the trip and probably make us think twice if we should bring her to such places. To more adventures with Kaitlin and Daddy Li!

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