Wednesday 5 February 2014

Mid-Week Musings

Kaitlin wanted to go to the pool yesterday afternoon, so after her snack time we went! As usual, when we got to the pool she didn't want to get in -.-, but of course once I convinced her it would be fine and loads of fun, she naturally enjoyed it.

I was a little worried cos it was just the both of us and should anything happen there wasn't Daddy Li or anyone else around so I took extra caution. I know, I'm damn paranoid but it's better to be safe than sorry right.

The video is of us playing monster. I pretend to be a monster so she'll kick harder if not she'll get tickled! She loves it so much she'll keep asking to do it again.

Kaitlin has made improvement! I splashed water at her face and she got a little scared and asked for the towel to dry her face, but I didn't give it to her. No tears from her and I just reassured her that it was all fine and that she could just open eyes and I'm here. So that worked!

I also managed to encourage her to get into the water without the float and just carried her and walk around the pool. Bounced up and down singing songs to get her to calm down and feel more comfortable. I find that singing songs with her always helps in calming her down, so that was pretty easy. Also, she sat on the pool steps as well and splashed some water.

I was real glad that she took my earlier instructions to inform me if she needs to use the toilet and she did. So she sat on the grown up potty and did her little business and it was back to the pool for more splashing fun! Looking forward to more pool dates with my little sweetheart. It's definitely feels great helping her overcome her fear and I just hope that this will help her to grow confidence as well.

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