Sunday 2 March 2014

February [ in pictures ]

February felt like such a short month and I honestly felt that I didn't get to do many things. One thing that I'm happy about though is that I got to spend some quality time with Kaitlin, just the both of us.

The early part of Feb also saw the hubs and I having some misunderstandings and conflicts. I guess it's pretty normal for couples to be like that. It's not always going to be happy and dandy, but I guess it's when you get through all that and decide that you still want to work on things and not give up that matter the most. If you're wondering, we're okay now and of course it'll be great if things stay this way.

We spent a nice Valentine's Day together. Our fourth year now and of course Kaitlin joined us as well. Except for one activity that I brought Daddy Li to. We definitely love to experience new things and spend time with babygirl but I felt it was important for us to spend some couple time esp with all that was happening earlier. We can't deny that we both thought about Kaitlin at the back of our minds, but we also agreed it was definitely nice that we had some time just to ourselves and having our attention on just the other person.

Well onto March we go! I definitely hope to be more productive for the coming months ahead so we'll see I guess.

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