Wednesday 5 March 2014

Mid-Week Musings

Kaitlin has been very into singing and dancing for some time now, but recently she has started to break into song or dance out of nowhere. Sometimes, she can even sing the same song from when we walk from home to the nearby mall!

I've been wanting to film one of these moments down, but usually if Kaitlin sees me trying to take a photo or video of her she'll immediately stop. Luckily though, I managed to capture her just the other afternoon.

I have no idea what she was singing when she was playing with her puzzles but I know it ended off with 'ten little indian boys', which according to what I know the first part of what she sang does not sound like the version that I know. It's most likely that she learnt it from school then, or perhaps she mixed two songs into one.

The next one is of her singing 'wheels on the bus', one of her all time favourite songs. Kaitlin usually dances by jumping around, but now she's more into swaying and grooving a little more to the beat.

I kind of have this feeling that Kaitlin will pretty soon go into the phase of wanting to be a popstar, complete with matching guitar and microphone set. This totally brings back memories of myself when I was in Kindergarten and always pretending that the entire room is a stage and I'll be performing dance routines and singing in front of anyone (or maybe even no one!) who's home.

I'm actually pretty happy to see Kaitlin express herself this way and won't stop her from continuing to do so. At least I feel assured that she isn't shy at home and feels comfortable enough to do all this. Plus, watching all her funny antics totally makes my day.  Hopefully with more encouragement and reassurance, she would become more confident and not afraid to express herself in school as well.

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