Tuesday 29 April 2014

Good Friday & Easter Weekend

The long weekend last week was just what I needed (yes, even as a SAHM a long weekend is better than a regular weekend cos that means an extra pair of hands to help out around the home!), and I was happy that I managed to spend time with people that matter the most.

Spent Good Friday morning having brunch at Strangers Reunion and going to the playground with Kaitlin and her new best friend ;)

Strangers Reunion was pretty crowded and Kaitlin was restless, thankfully I could still manage her and I was surprised that I didn't have to scold her or resort to technology. That same day I had wanted to bring her to an indoor playground/go out to grab some eggs to decorate but since it was pouring heavily so we stayed home instead and did arts and craft with babygirl.

On Saturday, Daddy Li went to work while Kaitlin and I spent the morning together. We did more craft work and played around the house.

After Kaitlin woke up from her afternoon nap, we brought her to Happy Willow! It's been sometime since we last brought her to an indoor playground, and since they were having Easter activities, it was a perfect time to go.

I think it was not just a workout for Kaitlin, but a workout for us as well!

On Easter Sunday, we finally went for brunch! It was a last minute decision, but yay for spontaneous decisions like this :) We had wanted to go to Symmetry, but we had to wait quite abit so we decided to walk a little further down to Artistry and we were pleasantly surprised with the place. In fact, I actually liked that Artistry wasn't as crowded.

Daddy Li ordered the Big Breakfast and I got the Squid Ink Crabmeat Burger. Both were yummy and I definitely recommend trying out the Squid Ink Burger. The cakes on display looked lovely too, but we decided not to be piggish.
After Kaitlin's class, we checked out Shrove Tuesday to have some waffles. Kaitlin got to play at the playground nearby as well, and she totally enjoyed herself. She's getting more adventurous and is able to play independently now. 

Our weekend was a good mix of chilling around and having lots of fast-paced fun. I'm thankful for weekends like this where I get to enjoy the company of people whom I love dearly. Can't wait for the upcoming weekend :D

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