Tuesday 1 April 2014

March [ in pictures ]

March has been a pretty fun month! We've been out and about more and Kaitlin never fails to give us a good laugh with her funny antics.  These days, after Kaitlin takes her afternoon naps I would bring her out to the playground or nearby. As a result, I kind of took a break from doing home schooling activities with her. It's sort of a good break but I would like to try to get back on track with it.

This month, I also got to take a few breaks which I'm very happy and thankful for. Got to have a relaxing session at Nimble/Knead, met up with friends, and had two nights out!

It's also been pretty busy and we haven't really been following our usual family routine so I'm hoping that for April, things will be back to normal or at least more consistent. Besides that, I also want to try to get back to being more healthy like going for more runs and more juice/smoothies. Hopefully that happens cos I wouldn't want my body to start failing on me.

1/4 of the year has passed by just like that! Pretty fast if you ask me, and real soon it would be May, September and then December! Kaitlin's been randomly singing Jingle Bells, so it does seem like the little one is getting ready for Christmas already.

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