Tuesday 15 April 2014

Tuesday Thoughts

I've been pretty busy the past week that there has been rarely any time for me to rest and I'm a person who needs my rest cos I generally fall ill very easily. I'm really thankful that despite the lack of rest and having to run around more than usual, I'm still well! I don't want to jinx it cos I honestly think I may fall ill soon, but thank goodness I'm still hanging in there and also for the existence of YL essential oils.

Another thing I'm thankful for is that Kaitlin didn't catch the nasty stomach flu bug from her class. I honestly was pretty pissed off that the school did not inform us earlier cos I would have definitely kept her away from school once I knew. Well, I didn't bring her to school yesterday, but she ended up catching a cold in the evening so I kept her away from school today as well. Needless to say I woke up quite a number of times at night but I'm thankful that it's just a flu bug and nothing serious that I can't handle. I'm really thankful that I've the chance to stay at home and care for Kaitlin, cos in situations like this I won't have to worry about her in school and I would be able to look after her myself.

Moreover, I got to spend precious time with Kaitlin! Even though babygirl attends half-day school and we spend most of the rest of our time together, I still enjoyed our extra morning together very much. It made my Monday better and I was actually feeling nostalgic. I recalled the times we would spend entire days together before she had started school. We would play at home, some days we would head outdoors to catch some sun or we would go to indoor playgrounds and on other days I would bring her with me to run errands. Yes, despite having to carry our diaper bag and her (not so light as before!), having a not-so-peaceful brekkie and rushing around..it was one of the best Mondays ever.

Aside from all that, I'm really glad for how these past few weeks has been. It's been tiring physically and mostly emotionally and at times to the point where I've questioned myself over and over again and felt like utter crap..but I guess some things in life happen for a reason and that matter alot. Some that are important to you and that you wouldn't want to risk losing or letting go, and some that you choose to ignore or forget cos it seems like the better option.

Now, I'm just hoping that babygirl recovers soon and that none of us at home gets the flu bug. Faster get well my little sweetheart <3

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