Thursday 1 May 2014

April [ in pictures ]

April has been a fun and tiring month! 

The active little bub has been more hyper and adventurous these days and this means that mommy over here has to catch up with her alot more.  I honestly don't know how I could do this motherhood thing if I was 35, so I have immense respect for those who can and who have more than one child to handle. 

Kaitlin has also been talking alot more these days..and that includes imitating the things we say and even talking back! She's also been quite the rebel. It has not been exactly easy dealing with that..but one step at a time I guess. 

Besides that, I'm glad to be able to meet up with friends this month and also being able to spend special moments with Kaitlin. 

I don't know about you, but I feel like the past few months have just flew past. I don't know how the next few months are going to be like..especially with there being lots of ups and downs. I hate uncertainty, but I guess life's mostly like that. For now, I'm just trying to learn to be thankful for what I have and appreciate it. 

Hope you had a good Labour Day with your loved on to May and hehe I'm actually counting down to the next public holiday :)

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