Tuesday 20 May 2014

Kaitlin is 32 Months Old!

Kaitlin is growing up so fast that my once innocent newborn has now become quite the rebel and has even developed a sense of humor.

In the past month..

Kaitlin has been pretty expressive with her emotions, be it frustration or excitement she shows it all
She's able to joke with us
We are able to hold longer conversations with her
She has been using manners like "please", "thank you", "no thank you" and "excuse me". Sometimes prompting is needed, and she would know what she should say.

Able to identify right and wrong actions. Like hitting and kicking is wrong. She does it, but she understands it's not right.
Loves wearing her raincoat
Able to carry an umbrella on her own and shelter herself
Can hold a pencil with a thumb and two fingers
Is able to join dots
Able to draw simple shapes like square and circle

Current favourite fruits: bananas, watermelon, grapes, papaya
Current favourite foods: xiao long baos, buns, noodles, waffles and cake
She is able to recall certain events that have happened even after a week
Did her first tunnel crawl and tunnel slide!
Interacts with kids at the playground
Likes to climb up and downs stairs
Loves bouncing on the bed
Runs very fast and able to avoid most obstacles

Can recognize most upper case alphabets and some lower case alphabets
Understands the concept of now, later, today and tomorrow
Participates in cooking activities together
Is able to crack and peel the shell of hardboiled eggs
Learnt how to peel a banana skin
Able to help herself to drink water in the middle of the night

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