Monday 12 May 2014

Review: Mustela Stelatopia Range - Skincare for babies and toddlers with Dry Skin

Where it comes to matters concerning Kaitlin, I'll admit that I can get pretty fastidious about the food she consumes, hygiene matters and especially the products that we use on her.

I'll make it a point to always read up about the products, do the usual Google search and read reviews about the product before actually letting her use it.

Since Kaitlin has slight eczema, I am very careful with the skincare products that we use on her. She'll be scratching during day time and will tell us about how itchy it is. At times, she'll even cry about it and get cranky. The worst is how it disturbs her slumber at night.

Despite using the prescribed steroid creams from our paediatrician, Kaitlin's eczema problem still exists, and when they flare up it can get pretty bad. That's why besides the creams, I have also tried different skin care products on her. In fact we've already tried out four different baby/toddler body soap brands on her. Her condition has improved slightly with the change of soaps and creams, but I'm still on the lookout for any other products that might improve her skin condition and help soothe the itchiness.

When Mustela sent over their Stelatopia range of products, I couldn't wait to let Kaitlin give it a try. Afterall, Mustela has been a trusted brand that moms have been using on their babies and toddlers.

In case you didn't know, Mustela products are hypoallergenic and contain no parabens, phenoxyethanol, phthalates or alcohol, which makes it safe for even newborns with the most delicate skin.

The Mustela Stelatopia range has been specially designed for newborns and toddlers who have atopic dermatitis. The great thing about this range is that sunflower distillate oil which has a rich content of Vitamin E and essential fatty acids with antioxidant, nourishing, firming and regenerating properties is included.

Kaitlin herself was excited to try out the new bodycare products when I showed them to her!

For the past two weeks, we've been using the Mustela Stelatopia Cleansing Cream whenever we give Kaitlin a shower. At the least, that's two times a day. I like how the practical pump dispenser makes it easy for Kaitlin to soap herself. Besides that, I noticed that the cleansing cream has no strong scents which makes me feel at ease that the product does not contain perfumes which might irritate her already dry skin. This product contains sunflower oil distillate which soothes the skin.

Right after Kaitlin's shower I will immediately moisturize her skin with the Stelatopia Emollient Cream. According to dermatologists, the best time to apply moisturizer is right after a bath as the product would be able to trap some of the water still on the body and use it to hydrate the skin. Kaitlin likes doing it herself as well and would remind us to do it when we are changing her.

I like how the texture of the emollient cream is smooth and does not sting Kaitlin's skin unlike some other products we have used. It moisturizes her skin leaving it supple and yet does not have a sticky after-feel which can get pretty uncomfortable especially in our humid weather. This product contains both sunflower oil distillate and plum oil which softens the skin.

Before we started using the Mustela products, Kaitlin had frequent eczema flare ups on parts of her skin, such as the back of her knees. I applied the Stelatria Purifying Recovery Cream on her skin two to three times a day and noticed a reduce in skin irritation and an improvement in her skin appearance.

Overall, I'm pretty impressed with the Mustela Stelatopia range. Within the two weeks that we tried the products, Kaitlin's skin condition has improved. Her eczema problem still exists, but it is definitely more controlled with lesser flare ups and we've also noticed that the itchiness has reduced.

Seeing the results thus far, I do think that using the products over a prolonged period of time would have more effective results on her skin. Moreover, I do like how the products are safe and contain natural ingredients.

Having had pretty bad eczema when I was young and even with occasional flare ups now, I do understand how frustrating eczema can be as there is no real cure. As such, for reduced irritations and itching, and a reduction in skin dryness I do recommend giving the Mustela Stelatopia range a try.

Disclaimer: I received the Mustela Stelatopia range of products for the purpose of this review. All opinions and views are my own and was not influenced by any external factors.


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  2. Hi!

    Sry for the late reply.You can get it at Mothercare or Mums & Babies. Some departmental stores like Takashimaya should have it too. Hope you manage to find it :)

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