Tuesday 6 May 2014

The Kiddies Review x GIVEAWAY!

Shopping with an active toddler can sometimes be quite difficult that's why sometimes I online shop for Kaitlin's clothes.

These days it's not easy to find clothing that's comfortable yet affordable for kids. Comfort is a very important factor to me as Kaitlin is at an age where she is very active and as she has eczema I always try to make sure that the clothing I buy is gentle on her skin. Plus, many of the local online shops stock mostly the same clothes and there's a lack of variety.

Thankfully though, THE KIDDIES is one such shop that I can shop at.

THE KIDDIES is a Singapore based online shop selling kids' clothing and shoes at affordable prices and in limited pieces providing that same exclusivity as premium luxury brands. For the latest updates, you can follow them on Instagram!

I was very happy that the apparel that I chose for Kaitlin was delivered so fast. You know the joy you get when you receive parcels from the postman?

Yeah, Kaitlin was just as happy too and couldn't wait to open her parcel when I showed it to her!

She went "See i got shorts and shirt, flower flower one", "See got ribbon also", "Pretty pretty I want to wear". I told her though that we got to wash it first and she listened.

Here's her all excited in her new outfit before we took pictures for her two and a half years old milestone post.

Besides the efficient service from THE KIDDIES, I was also impressed with the quality of the clothing given the affordable price. So far, Kaitlin has worn her new outfit quite a number of times, and no problems at all. The fabric used is very soft and she doesn't sweat as much in it as compared to some of her other outfits which is good news especially with our humid weather and the fact that Kaitlin sweats super easily.

Other than the lovely apparel, babygirl totally loves the owl bag that we received and carried it on her own when we went out. Check out her owl face below!

You know how some clothes are pretty but compromise on comfort? Well, Kaitlin could go crazy at the playground in this outfit and there were no complains from her that she was starting to itch. 

If you are thinking of getting some new apparel for the kids, THE KIDDIES is worth checking out. Thanks to THE KIDDIES, all Hello Little Sunshine readers get to enjoy free normal postage if you mention BWHLS-FNP when placing your order. In addition, there's a giveaway for you readers!


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Disclaimer: We received a set of clothing and lunch bag for the purpose of this review. All opinions and views are my own and was not influenced by any external factors. 

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