Thursday 19 June 2014

Kaitlin is 33 months old!

Kaitlin turned another month older on Tuesday. Just when I thought that it's impossible for Kaitlin to get any more active than she is, she surprises me! She's always full of energy that sometimes I feel like I'm ageing too fast D: The past month, we've noticed that..

Kaitlin is good at coming up with excuses
She enjoys doing worksheets and flashcards
She likes to do tracing and is able to trace numbers independently

easily laughs at funny facial expressions

is able to tell us that she is going to cry - "i'm going to cry", "i want to cry already" (complete with pouting face and puppy eyes!)
makes up her own stories based on illustrations in story books
able to make up her own songs
able to have conversations with adults
communicates a little with her friends
has picked up whining *jeng jeng jeng*

able to pull down her pants, undies and diapers 
knows how to make her bed for bedtime
can draw a heart
is able to describe her craft work
able to turn the doorknob
likes to close the caps of plastic bottles

Despite having to keep up with the bub, it's been an amazing month of fun with her. We've had to deal with whining and bad behaviour at times but I guess this is part and parcel of bringing up a child. I'm thankful that Kaitlin has mostly been quite understanding, especially when we explain things to her, so keep up being a good girl alright my sweetheart <3 

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