Friday 13 June 2014

Ultimate Comfort for Happy Children and Happy Parents

As a parent, the greatest joy for me is to see Kaitlin happy. Thus, taking good care of Kaitlin and making sure she is cheerful everyday is top on my priority list.

For us, a happy Kaitlin makes Mommy and Daddy happy too. We try to make sure that Kaitlin's growing years will be fun and enjoyable for her. Of course, this does not mean giving in to all her wants and accommodating her in every way but rather making sure that Kaitlin is healthy and happy.

Now that Kaitlin's a toddler, she in not only active but is also is more aware of herself as an individual and her surroundings. There's also the onset of the 'Terrible Twos'. Yes, those unpredictable moments of tantrums that sometimes make you want to crawl into a hole and hide and come out when it's over. Well, let's face it. We can't do that, and I'm sure as parents we wouldn't just let them be.

Trust me when I say that I've have experienced my fair share of screaming and wailing and even stomping and hitting. At home, and public as well. Definitely not very pleasant experiences. 

When Kaitlin first started having meltdowns, I felt very upset. I knew this was a normal phase and is a part of her growing up, but I was just unhappy with myself that I couldn't make her happy and that she had to start throwing tantrums. What happened to the days when we would spend precious time being happy together and laughing at the silliest things? It's a horrible feeling of questioning yourself just where you went wrong when all you ever wanted to do was bring up a happy child then out of nowhere he/she has an outburst that you simply can't control. You aren't even able to calm your child down, and just feel so helpless.

Well, having gone through that (and still am at times!), I realised that anticipating and preventing tantrums from happening helped alot. By paying attention to Kaitlin's nonverbal cues and her reaction to situations, I was able to anticipate her outbursts better. I came to the conclusion that making sure babygirl was cheerful and comfy helped alot, and this had to start from meeting her needs. 

How we meet her needs is simple! We have a routine. 

Even though Kaitlin's a toddler, I still try to make sure that we follow our usual routine as much as we can. I know different parents have different parenting styles, and may not agree with this..but for us a routine works really well. 

We have set meal times, milk bottle feedings and shower times.

The timings aren't specific but we try to do them around the same time, and we follow the order in which we do it. For example, she would usually have her meals first then shower. We read to Kaitlin after her meals and before bedtime and also put her to bed before she is overtired. By following a routine, Kaitlin would not be overwhelmed by any activities/changes that happened during the day and ensures that she feels reassured. Additionally, following a routine means that should there be any temper tantrums, we know that it's not because her basic needs are not met, and we then know how to better solve the problem and reason with her.

Comfortable clothing is also important in keeping Kaitlin happy.

We may not notice it but some clothing may be uncomfortable for our children. It could be in terms of size or even the clothing material. Kaitlin has sensitive skin so I'm careful about the clothing that I buy for her. I make sure that they are soft to the touch and are of decent quality. I also always make it a point to wash her new clothes with baby detergent before letting her wear them. I myself have sensitive skin, so I can totally understand how even clothing can irritate the skin and cause much discomfort. This discomfort can be pretty unbearable for a child, especially when they are at an age where they are unable to fully express themselves and as a result get frustrated easily.

Needless to say, the comfort of our child's diapers is also very important. Afterall, it is what they wear most often and which is in closest contact to their delicate skin. In our case, even though Kaitlin is mostly potty trained, we still let her wear diapers when we head out and when she has her nap and goes to bed at night.

We've been using Drypers Drypantz the past year and have had no problems at all. The diapers are not only of good quality but are also very affordable compared to the other diaper brands in the market. Recently though, Drypers have launched a new series of their diaper range which sees an improvement in both a premium look and feel as well as product quality so as to provide ultimate comfort for babies and toddlers.

Of course, being fans of Drypers we couldn't wait to try their new and improved range. Even Kaitlin was pretty excited about receiving new packs of diapers!

Having let Kaitlin try out the new version of Drypers Drypantz, I've to say I'm pretty amazed that they could actually made the diapers better than they already were. These new ones truly provide ultimate comfort for Kaitlin.

The new diapers are softer than before and feel almost like cloth diapers, keeping Kaitlin's sensitive skin cool and fresh. Besides that, the natural plant extracts (Aloe Vera, Chamomile and Olive) and Vitamin E in the diapers are gentle on babygirl's skin and keep them healthy. We have had no issues of diaper rash or any itch on her bum area.

The new Drypers Drypantz are also very absorbent and ensure long lasting dryness. We rarely have to change Kaitlin's diapers when we are out and she wears the same diaper from when she goes to bed till when she wakes up. No leakage at all even when her diaper feels like it weighs a ton. Also Kaitlin wakes up a happy baby! No grumpy baby because of an uncomfy diaper.

What I like most is the fit of the diapers. They fit Kaitlin well and snug, yet allow her freedom of movement which is very important as she is such an active child. Also, the soft waistbands are gentle on her skin and she doesn't end up scratching away.

Some diaper pants that fit well, may be hard to pull down. However babygirl is able to pull down her Drypers Drypantz with ease when she goes to the potty and is also able to wear them on her own. This I feel is very important as part of her potty training process. It gives her the confidence that she is able to be independent and that potty training isn't all that hard.

The aesthetically well designed diapers encourages Kaitlin to put on her diapers herself and the front and back designs make it easy for her to differentiate front from back on her own.

I truly believe that diapers should serve more than their function of holding our children's pee and poo, but rather should also provide ultimate comfort for our children. With ultimate comfort, our children with grow up feeling happy and confident and without a doubt, this makes the whole parenting journey for us parents a truly magical one.

So what are you waiting for? Join me and make the change to Ultimate Comfort for your children with Drypers!

If you are interested in trying out the new range of Drypers, you can get free samples. Also, good news for Hello Little Sunshine readers!

From now till end June 2014, with every purchase of 2 packs of Drypers Wee Wee Dry or Drypers Drypantz, you can receive a $10 FairPrice voucher when you email your proof of purchase, personal details and include the code beaverwoo to SCA Hygiene at

Disclaimer: We received a few packs of Drypers Drypantz for the purpose of this post. All opinions and views are my own and was not influenced by any external factors.

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