Tuesday 22 July 2014

Kaitlin is 34 months old!

Another month has gone by and Kaitlin is going to turn THREE real soon! In fact, she keeps going on about how her birthday is in September and that it's coming soon. More recently, she's been wanting to re-watch the video I filmed of her birthday celebration in school last year.

Here's what we noticed about Kaitlin in the past month:

Kaitlin is increasingly aware of the emotions of people around her. She would ask us why we are happy or sad and at times show care and concern for us as well.
She is becoming more sociable - makes more conversation and plays with her friends and adults
She is able to identify most uppercase alphabets and certain lowercase alphabets
She can be quite the joker and has her own sense of humor
Likes to make up her own songs
She has recently shown interest in attending ballet classes

Babygirl is able to spell her name
She knows the Chinese name of some of her classmates
Kaitlin is able to engage in detailed conversations with adults, especially those she is familiar with like her teachers and us
She is also starting to ask questions like 'why' and 'how come' and sometimes she will keep asking 'why' (That phase has come!!)
Kaitlin is showing improvement in terms of her space memory skills at class

Kaitlin has been eating a wider variety of food now. We're becoming more chill with letting her eat outside food, but of course in moderation!
Besides fresh milk, now she likes to drink 
Her appetite has also increased

Babygirl is able to board and alight a bus while holding our hands
She is able to shower standing up now and no longer needs a towel to cover her face! Major milestone here!
Kaitlin has a short attention span when it comes to watching cartoons and movies on the television, in fact she got afraid watching Frozen and The Little Mermaid and that was like less than half an hour into the movie.
However, Kaitlin loves to watch the Frozen song on YouTube. So strange I know!
Camera ready (at times!) Babygirl will sometimes ask me to take pictures of her or film her..sometimes she will even remind me to take pictures of the food before we eat. Though at other times she won't let me take a picture of her at all and will turn away.

I can't believe all that's left is one more month before she reaches her last month as a two year old. This year, I am completely unprepared for her birthday and I totes need to start planning it, especially with her being excited about it I feel like I can't mess this one up! Well that aside, I must say it's truly amazing to watch how Kaitlin grows. This past month I feel like she has been able to comprehend what we say and understand it to a much higher level. She may not always listen to us and has a mind of her own, but she definitely knows what she should and shouldn't do as well as what are the consequences and how we feel about it. Like I said, she won't listen and would sometimes be really mischievous and stubborn but we can somehow tell that toddlers are pretty smart individuals! It's interesting to see how she physically grows and also her thought process, her response to situations and how she feels and expresses herself. Maybe it's cos she is my child that's why I love to watch how grow everyday. Best feeling in the worldddd! Happy 34 months old my little sweetheart <3

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