Wednesday 6 August 2014

July [ in pictures ]

July is over! In fact, we are already six days into August, so this post is coming in a little late. The last two weeks of July was a busy and emotional period for me. I guess it might continue like that..well the busy part at least. 

We cleared a teeny tiny bit of items at home and donated them to the Salvation Army! So now we've a wee bit more space. Decluttering isn't my thing so that was quite an achievement when we did it. Of course I felt sentimental and sad but clearing up did feel quite good as well.

Health wise, I am getting better. Like finally :D and I'm hoping it gets better, if not at least stay the way it is.

Other than that, I got to hang out with Kaitlin and friends who I am thankful for. Lots of good eats as well, so I guess I should be very thankful.

I'm looking forward to August and hopefully it will be a fantastic month :)

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