Monday 18 August 2014

Kaitlin is 35 months old!

Just one more month and Kaitlin turns THREE! I always tend to feel super nostalgic during this part of the year. I never fail to think and look back at how my tiny little baby has grown so much. Sometimes three years seem like a long time, at other times I just can't believe how time has passed. I know pretty soon I'll be sending her off to Primary school and before I know it off she goes partying till the wee hours.

Kaitlin honestly hasn't been on best behaviour. One would think that the 'Terrible Twos' phase is almost over and can't get any worse, but jeng jeng jeng. It did. Again. At times I do tell myself that it's all part of her growing up and things will get better, and then there are days where I just wonder what did I do wrong, and question myself if I've been a good parent and if I'm even the right person to be parenting her.. This almost always happens but really sometimes I wish there were answers to this whole parenting thingamajig but there aren't. Every child is different, and so is every parent. So while I help my daughter, and myself through this phase I can only hope that in some way I am doing something right :'(

I've a soft heart, so her smiles and toothy grins do make the bad days better. She is, and has always been my ray of sunshine, and the person who has kept me strong all this while. It's only her, who would make me not give up so easily.

Well here's more about Kaitlin this past month..

Kaitlin has been able to take longer instructions and follow them
She is increasingly independent and would even get angry at times when we try to help her
She loves helping around the house (mopping the floor, folding clothes) - of course she doesn't do a great job but hey hey future domestic goddess perhaps?
Is able to clip up her own hair
Can put her arms through the sleeves of her shirt

Babygirl's imagination is growing, she loves to pretend play especially playing school and cooking
Loves to jump over things
Loves listening to 'Let It Go'
Loves to dance when there's music that she likes
Recognises places we have been and links them up to the memories she has of those places and talks about them
Knows some of our birthday months
Recently learn the difference between Mr and Miss

She's one sneaky girl - recently when I asked her to lay in bed and start trying to go to sleep, I left the room and when she heard my footsteps she hurried into bed and pretended to sleep
Gets frustrated when she can't do certain things on her own
Is in the whining phase
Has mood swings
Likes to imitate phrases that we say and the tone as well
At times, she needs some quiet time to reflect on her wrong actions

Oh time has passed so fast, and I've yet to really start on Kaitlin's birthday preparations! Definitely hope I can get everything done in time, while teaching her well and getting her to drop some of her bad habits + spending quality time.

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