Tuesday 12 August 2014

Making More Time

As if it wasn't hard to find and make time in the past, with a recent change of events, it seems like 24 hours in a day is just never enough.

There have been quite a few changes and though I am happy with some, I'm also feeling so tired out from others.

All the lack of sleep plus a constant long list of to-dos, has recently resulted in me being really stressed and short tempered. I am aware of it, and I consciously try to remind myself not to be snappy or impatient and to have more tolerance. It's not easy and I have of course at times lost my cool :(

Things aren't going to change for the better, not immediately at least so all I can do is deal with it. I really want to try to work on a few things:

1. Better time management
2. Prioritizing and not neglecting
3. Making more time for Kaitlin
4. Being more efficient

There'a actually a longer list than that but I feel that it's best to make more achievable goals for now. I definitely want to be able to plan and manage my time better so that I don't end up wasting time. I'm going to be more efficient and try and multi-task more as well so that perhaps I could get some rest time in between or to prep meals for Kaitlin or even some activities for her. As for making more time for Kaitlin, yes I do spend a large part of my day with her but we haven't been doing much together. We've been reading less together, playing and learning less together. Needless to say, home learning activities have taken a pause again.

I honestly do feel quite down and lost and at times annoyed with myself that I can't do more or that I can't do alot of things well. This especially so when I see other SAHM moms doing a far better job than I am and who are handling more than one kid :( Sigh. I can only hope things get better!

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