Monday 1 September 2014

August [ in pictures ]

August has got to be one of my favourite months of the year! Who doesn't love their birthday month! The first two weeks of August were mainly spent celebrating and catching up with friends whom I couldn't be more thankful for.

I also got to take a tiny break from my mommy duties! A first in almost THREE YEARS. Yes, I've finally learnt the art of letting go. No luh, I haven't really. To be honest I was pretty worried about Kaitlin and thinking about her half the time but I guess it's a first step. I did feel pretty guilty too but thank goodness the babygirl was well-behaved (according to Daddy Li) so I didn't have to worry all that much.

The last two weeks of August were more or less spent catching up on things I've yet to do. And..what's new when I say that I've yet to complete my list of to-do's and it's spilling over to September. I don't really like the feeling of not having crossed out half the things I've to do and then letting them spill over to the next month. I mean a day or a week is alright..but a month makes me feel like I've been super unproductive D: and though I'm a slacker and procrastinate alot I don't like being unproductive. I've also recently realised that it really affects my mood. It causes me to be more stress and I go to bed at night running through all that I've to do in my mind and then wake up in the morning feeling unhappy. Being stress and unhappy = being frowny which is so not good cos it leads to wrinkles. I don't need wrinkles to be another thing on my list to worry about. Cos let's face it (hahah geddit?), wrinkles can't totally be removed and even if they can it's gonna be so costly.  So for September, I'm really going to try to finish all that I want to do. Even if that means less sleep :( and less time to myself.

The past month has made made think alot about life and the future. They are just thoughts and I've yet to come to a conclusion on anything but I guess it's good to think about all that once in a while. I definitely want to try to grow and improve as an individual and at the same, be a better wife and mom. I don't know how I'm going to do that and what am I going to do..but for now I'm going to start with putting myself in other people's shoes more often, being less sensitive, more patient and trying to deal with situations in a more productive way.

September is going to be a busy busy month cos it's the babygirl's birthday! So while I try to work on her burfs, I'm going to try and work on other things as well.


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