Friday 26 September 2014

Hello Fever

Kaitlin's birthday is over and this blog was supposed to be much more updated than it currently is, but it's not :(

Well basically before Kaitlin's birthday, we were busy dealing with some changes, then I was busy preparing for Kaitlin's third birthday, but a week before that she was down with fever. After her birthday, I was looking forward to focusing a little more on blogging but that has yet to happen cos I've been trying to catch up on lost sleep and adjust to some other changes and settle some other outstanding problems we had. Then, just a few days ago it was my turn to get a fever!

Worst feeling ever. Just like Kaitlin, I don't get fevers often. When I do, it's pretty bad. I fall ill quite easily like getting colds and sore throats but fevers are much rare. I think my body generally has a weaker immune system than an average person so it was terrible. Right now, my fever is gone but I still have a headache, getting abit of on and off sniffies and my body aches :(

Feeling physically unwell aside, I'm also not in the best of moods. The combination of that + having to go on about our daily life is draining me quite a fair bit. Since becoming a mom, I realise that it's such a heavy responsibility. Besides having the responsibility to care for your child and their daily needs, it is also hard to find time for yourself or say 'I want to take a break' and then do it whenever you feel like it simply because you love and would want to care for your child. If you are a worry wart like me, then it's even harder to leave your child in the care of someone else. For now I will make do with the alone time that I get on weekday mornings when Kaitlin goes to school and don't have errands to run or at night when after Kaitlin goes to bed to do all that. I feel like it's important to reflect and think about life and the problems that we have instead of ignoring them, if not it may eventually snowball to become a bigger problem.

That aside, now that I'm feeling a little's time for me to catch up on things that I've to do and one of them being, blogging more! I hope to be able to update this space a little more, cos honestly it's getting pretty dead D: