Saturday 13 September 2014

Mid-Autumn Festival 2014

Mid-Autumn Festival for us this year was quite a simple and quiet one. We've been busy so everything was pretty much left to the last minute!

Just like last year, Kaitlin's school wanted us to D-I-Y a lantern made out of recycled materials with her. I totally forgot about this till I saw another mom's (not from Kaitlin's school) Instagram photo of her kids' D-I-Y lanterns. My first thought was wow so cool! Then immediately after that I was like "OH CRAP OMG WE WERE SUPPOSED TO MAKE A LANTERN TOO!" and right after that I realised that we were supposed to hand it in one day ago. So well, we ended up frantically making one last minute. So much for all the thoughts last year of how we would make it super awesome with lights and sounds..well that obviously didn't happened and we ended up with this:

Maybe I'm being bias or delusional but I thought it was quite preets okay! Considering it was done one day before we handed it in. Plus, who does not like washi, glitter and sequins?!

Well a few days after we handed in Kaitlin's lantern it was their Mid-Autumn Festival celebration in school and thank goodness for her teacher reminding me that they were celebrating it the next day if not poor Kaitlin would have turned up in uniform! Yes that's what happens when you overlook your emails :(

Well Kaitlin was all dressed up and might I add that I noticed other parents only bringing the D-I-Y lanterns on that day so I was like feeling relieved that we weren't the last ones to hand in. I know..I sound damn competitive but that's not the case okay! I guess I was just making myself feel better about my inadequacy as a mom :(

On the day of Mid-Autumn Festival itself, I rushed to find a lantern for Kaitlin right after she ended school and thankfully there was a shop selling it! Yes, she chose the princess from Frozen, not me! Yes, that despite my attempts to show her the different Hello Kitty ones..she still chose Elsa. That afternoon, I hurriedly got us some mooncakes and its so majorly annoying when most places have sold out and you are left with very little options left! Hate that feeling. So at night, we had mooncakes and tea. Kaitlin didn't like the mooncakes so she technically didn't eat them and neither did she want to go down for a walk with her lantern so that was basically it!

I was honestly hoping that Kaitlin would have more fun but I guess in general everything was so rushed that she might not have been interested at all. Perhaps next year she would be a fan of mooncakes and we would have more time and can go ti deng long together!


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