Thursday 9 October 2014

Baby Jogger's New Range of Strollers

Maybe it's because of my shopping obsession, I am always interested to know and learn about different baby and child brands and when I received an email about Baby Jogger I was interested to find out more. Yes, even though Kaitlin's a toddler and would probably be using her stroller for only awhile more, I still wanted to know about the Baby Jogger brand and their strollers. I mean, it's always good to know more and I like to know about such products so I can share with other moms, moms-to-be, moms-to-be in ten years time. Also, who knows, maybe I might need a new stroller in future?

In case you're like me and haven't heard of the Baby Jogger brand prior to this, Baby Jogger is the original designer and manufacturer of high performance joggers and all-terrain three-wheeled strollers. They have been in the industry for the last 30 years and have been in the Singapore market since 2006.

Earlier in September, Baby Jogger held a showcase to celebrate their new look as they re-launched worldwide after 30 years. The showcase included an introduction to their new range of strollers, as well as Lassig's range of products like their 100% natural rubber teether and nappy bags.

With the re-luanch, Baby Jogger now has a new logo, corporate colours and stroller colours!

During the showcase, we were introduced to the City Mini, City Mini GT and City Select. All these three different strollers come with the patented Quick-Fold Technology which enables users to fold the stoller in one quick easy step! Trust me, this comes especially useful on days when you see the bus and you wanna rush to it before you miss it, cos honestly who likes waiting for the next bus especially with kids in tow..sometimes it can get kind of tricky.

City Mini

The City Mini is known for it's lightweight design weighing just 7.55kg, it is able to take up to 22.5kg in capacity. It comes with a rounded handlebar with rubber grip for pushing comfort and has a rear parking break.

City Mini GT

The City Mini GT has all-terrain capabilities has an adjustable handlebar for users of all heights and a hand operated parking brake. It weights 9.5kg on its own, and can take a weight capacity of up to 29.5kg.

City Select

The City Select is great for customizing as parents are able to adjust the stroller into 16 different combinations to suit their needs. It comes with a hand operated parking brake, multi-position seat recline, telescoping handlebar and besides the large under seat basket, it also comes with a seat back storage compartment. The City Select single weighs 12.5kg with the seat and each seat can take a weight capacity of up to 20.5kg.

This year, all three stroller types come with a UV 50+ Protection Canopy, great for keeping out the Sun's harmful rays from our little ones and the strollers now come in a variety of new and modern colours.

The new range of Baby Jogger strollers will hit Singapore stores on 10 October 2014 (that's tomorrow!) so keep a lookout if you're interested. 

Disclaimer: We were invited to the Baby Jogger showcase. All opinions and views expressed in this post are entirely my own and were not influenced by any external factors. 


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