Monday 20 October 2014

Kaitlin's Third Birthday - Part Two

Just like previous years, we usually hold a birthday celebration for Kaitlin with her Godparents! Her Godparents are like seriously the World's Best Godparents. They dote on so much, like even more than us. If Kaitlin were to be exposed to them on a daily basis, I wouldn't be surprised if she chose them over us!

As part of the My Little Pony theme, we brought Kaitlin to Gallop Stables so that she could feed and ride a pony. Her Godparents were invited to come watch Kaitlin at Gallop Stables. I made sure Kaitlin knew what was going to happen and showed her videos prior so that she would feel prepared and not afraid. She was excited and even on the day itself I told her what was going to happen and double and even triple checked with her that she wanted to ride the pony. This was her in the car getting all excited as we were nearing Gallop Stables:

Well..when we got to Gallop Stables and Kaitlin was pretty close to the pony, she got terrified. Attempts to let her try feeding the pony and donkey and to take pictures with them failed. I got babygirl a ticket to ride the pony but since she was so afraid she didn't ride the pony in the end. Of course I was a little sad as I was looking forward to seeing her ride (since she had been excited about it) and having a fun time feeding the pony. She had previously fed rabbits and other animals at a farm and also seen ponies in real life so I thought she would at least be fine with that but that didn't happen. The adults did feed the pony and donkey though, so I hope that was at least some sort of fun for Kaitlin's Godparents. Also, I felt super guilty for making Kaitlin's Godparents come down, but thank goodness they were super understanding as always!

After our trip at Gallop Stables, we headed for brunch nearby. I made a reservation at the Little Diner. Earlier that morning, we picked up balloons from a party shop at Bugis and decorated our table at the restaurant before going to Gallop Stables so that when the guests arrived it would be all preets!

I changed Kaitlin into her super adorbs dress from The Sunshine Kids while on our way to Little Dinnr.

The food was pretty good! I didn't get to try the dishes that everyone ordered but they seemed to enjoy the food and I liked mine. In fact, I actually do want to return to try the other dishes on their menu. The staff were really friendly and helpful as well, so that was a plus.

The highlight of her party was the cake! I spent some time thinking whether or not I should get Kaitlin a fondant cake (it was fondant or buttercream) for the simple fact that most of us won't even enjoy the fondant cos it's too sweet (getting old!) and also the price. I finally decided on fondant cos it would look aesthetically better and I'm glad I made that choice. It did look mostly like what I envisioned it to be and I was glad that since the cake was fondant I didn't have to worry about any buttercream melting kind of problem. Oh yes, and I was so glad I was able to get the cake done with just slightly less than two weeks notice. I had emailed a couple of bakers and some were already fully booked, so I was really thankful that a few were able to do it within such short notice.

This was the rough sketch:

I know the sketch looks terrible! Glad that the shop managed to understand my drawing based on what I told them. I actually made a trip down to make sure they understood what I wanted. I decided to get figurines instead of getting them to do fondant ponies cos it's difficult to get them to look exactly the same as the actual My Little Ponies. I didn't want the fondant figures to be like amateur lookalikes. I know..I'm quite the perfectionist like that :(

Now the figurines D: Oh my, I was panicking when all the toy shops in Singapore didn't have the My Little Pony Collection Set. I had previously seen it but never bought it cos they were so not worth it and I didn't have a use for them. But you know, as life always is..when you don't need something you see all around, and when you need it you can't find it at all. I literally combed all the shops in town that I could think of (all the toys r us shops and departmental stores) and even left my number just in case. I even went to the extent of calling Hasbro to see if they had stock and if I could buy from them. Don't judge. Desperate times call for desperate measures okay. I couldn't even order online cos there wasn't enough time. Thankfully though, a lightbulb flickered in my head and I decided to try my luck at Popular and omg I love that place so much now. It saved my life. No they did not have the My Little Pony Collection Set, but they had a book set that came with My Little Pony figurines. I was so happy and relieved you have no idea. I know people who work feel a sense of accomplishment when they close a deal..but to a SAHM  like me, being able to find what you need for your child's party is just as great a moment.

Well anyway after all that craziness, I couldn't wait to collect the cake and was so happy to see that the cake turned out like how I imagined it to look like except for the font type which I wasn't crazy about, but my opinion it was preets enough so that was another huge sigh of relief.

Many thanks to Kaitlin's Godpa for helping me out with placing the pony figurines and candles on the cake! Wouldn't have looked this pretty if not for his help. By this time, I was super excited for Kaitlin to see the cake!! 

Look at her! All grown up and able to blow off the candles on her own and cut the cake too! 

I was so looking forward to Kaitlin seeing the rainbow layers in her birthday cake cos I actually paid extra for there to be rainbow layers..but it turned out with just four layers and they were like random colours -.-  Honestly pretty disappointed. That's like 4/7 of a rainbow >:( how can you do that! The rainbow gods will be very angry. Oh well, what's done is done so at least the exterior looks preets. Lesson learnt to make sure to communicate with future bakers/cake shops that rainbow layers mean that I will get all the colours of the rainbow in it!

The funniest thing that happened during brunch was when Kaitlin bit the rainbow fondant!

She was looking at it and talking about the rainbow and we asked her if she wanted to take a bite and she actually said yes and did it! So hilarious cos this girl is usually reserved in such situations and won't readily try out new stuff.

I think that bite of fondant was probably the sweetest thing she has ever eaten! After all that cake eating, Kaitlin got to open her presents from her Godparents. They seriously pamper her so much! This lucky birthday girl got sooooo many presents I've been having trouble thinking of where to keep them!

I felt like I should have done more for her birthday celebration, but I really didn't know what else I could do :( Hopefully her birthday celebration next year will be more awesome, and yes I really have to try and start early for real. 

The best part of her birthday celebration was seeing her smile and laugh and being surrounded by the people who love her so much. I hope Kaitlin realises that and grows up spending lots of time with her Godparents, remembering her moments with them and shares a close and special relationship with each one of them. 

Kaitlin's Godparents truly dote on Kaitlin so much, and I don't want Kaitlin to end up being pampered, so I do try to teach her to be courteous to them and appreciate all that they do for her. To do that, I got Kaitlin to make some little goodies for her Godparents:

They were plain photoframes and I got Kaitlin to decorate them with stickers and embellishments It was cute seeing Kaitlin choose the different stickers and embellishments for each Godparent, like there was a reason for each of it!


  1. HAHAH her change from cheerful face to reserved face at the stables is damn funny

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