Tuesday 18 November 2014

Kaitlin is 38 months old!

I missed out on last month's milestone post :X Quite sad about that, but I'm back with milestones from the past two months :) Oh yes..to add on to me not posting last month's milestones..my camera decided to fail on me D: , so this month's photos are taken with my iPhone and hence the crappy quality. Quite sad about it but I can't possibly run out to get a new camera now can I? So better to have memories than not!

Kaitlin has started lying D:
She's also picked up the skill of talking back and making up excuses
She is much more social and vocal when in a class setting
Kaitlin will mimic the words or phrases we say in her own context
If she has done something well or did something good, she will make sure we know
She can get pretty bossy
Has been asking lots of "why's" and 'how's"
She uses plural words
Sometimes she will add an 's' behind words even when it's not needed!

Kaitlin is able to sing the first half of the 'Frozen' song
She enjoys hoping on one foot
Loves being on a swing
Co-operates easily when we want to take photos of her
Kaitlin is able to wear socks on her own
Able to wear her own uniform
Had her first henna tattoo during Deepavali celebration at school
Tried gummies for the first time
She tried (bottled) juice for the first time too!
Kaitlin attended her first run

She prefers to use her right hand more than her left
Likes to scribble
Has been able to hold pencil in writing position
Just learnt how to use a ruler and draw a straight line with it
Can memorize and recite poetry: "After A Bath" by Aileen Fisher & "Exercises" by Linda Hammond
Able to draw circle and square on her own
Able to write numbers 0, 1, 3, 7, 10

I can totally see Kaitlin on her way to becoming like the Kindergarten kids in her school. Vocal, social, able to think and solve problems and becoming more independent. Of course I am happy that she's progressing so much, but I also miss my little baby so so much. I feel like as she grows I've to constantly take note of what I say as well as my actions as she picks them up pretty fast. I also feel like I've to think twice as to how I approach her and solve sticky situations like when she's misbehaving. It's going to be a crazy journey ahead I know for sure!

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