Friday 14 November 2014

Nap Time Teddy!

Back in September, we had rented a car as we had to go to the columbarium as well as to run other errands. We don't own a car, and the last time we had rented a car I was sitting with Kaitlin at the back seat. This time though, I decided to let her try sitting at the back alone with the seat belt on and it was all fine and dandy! Phew!

I had prepared myself for tears or her whining for me to seat with her, but she took it like a big girl and was being all independent. There were only a few times where she asked me to seat with her and I did when it came to having to feed her or attend to her needs. She entertained herself pretty well, and it was only for journeys that lasted longer or when we were out for long that she started to fidget and want attention.

There was once where she entertained herself in the car by putting her teddy to nap. It was her idea, and she put teddy to sleep so well! It was her idea to put the pillow for teddy, and cover teddy with a blankie and to even shelter the teddy from the sun. So sweet right *heart melts* I was amazed and even had thoughts that she would make an awesome jie jie in future.

So glad I filmed her! Yes, she has her hyperactive moments where I find it hard to keep up with, her moments where she throws the craziest of tantrums, the moments where she wants things her way and will never listen to instructions, moments where she is being rude..but there are also moments like this..where she shows her caring and gentle side. As well as other moments, where she helps out around the house, where she listens to us and co-operates. I realise that I tend to over look the good in her especially when she's not behaving but then there's this video, that reminds me that there are good moments, and just because at times she isn't being a good girl it doesn't mean that she's a naughty child or is a brat.

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