Sunday 2 November 2014

October [ in pictures ]

The past month has been same yet different. Same in that, I'm still falling ill on and off. The doctor visits D:

Different in that, I've been taking steps/doing things/going in a different direction from what I would normally do. I suppose there are pros and cons to this, but I'm glad that I've taken the step towards change. 

Besides all that, I've been trying to spend a little more time with Kaitlin. I honestly haven't been spending that much time with her recently, so I am trying to make an effort to. We made our own playdough for the first time and I recently accompanied her for her school's field trip to Bollywood Veggies! Kaitlin also celebrated Childrens' Day and Deepavali in school. I always love it when they have such occasions cos it's a great opportunity for Kaitlin to celebrate with her friends and have fun. After all this is what makes going to school enjoyable! The other reason being that I can dress her up! Yay!! Speaking of which it was quite a bummer that they didn't celebrate Halloween at school this year cos I had ordered a costume for her. Her school had a celebration last year and I thought they would do the same this year so I spent weeks eagerly waiting for it and it arrived just a few days before Halloween. She didn't get to wear it to school but I let her try it on at home! It's a tad big for her so maybe it would fit just right by next Halloween and hopefully her school decides to celebrate it next year. 

Oh yes! I didn't do a milestone post for Kaitlin this month, but boy do I see a change in this newly minted three-year old! Suddenly, our reserved baby girl is starting to be more expressive in front of strangers as well as with her friends in class. Since Kaitlin started school, we have been receiving feedback that Kaitlin is quiet and rarely speaks in class. She isn't sociable as well. It came to a point where the teachers asked us how she was like at home, just to make sure that she is alright and that this behavior was only exhibited in school. Lately though, the teachers are saying that they are seeing an improvement in Kaitlin. She is starting to be more sociable and also stands up for herself a little more now. I even witnessed some of these moments myself. Which is such a relieve, and I am glad that all the encouragement (probably nagging to her ears) has finally paid off! There was this one morning where I was just about to leave her class and took a second look at her..I saw her offering her classmate a toy to play with and then engaging in play together. At that moment, my heart totally melted and I was so glad to see that happening. To see her take that first step and be brave. It may be normal for another child to do that, and lots of kids are sociable but Kaitlin is a little different in that sense so seeing that was a very special moment for me. 

I'm pretty excited that we are on to a new month! I feel like I haven't been very productive this month with all the discomfort from feeling unwell and also with matters of the heart. I'm going to try and be more focused this month and try to get more things done, be it errands or fun activities with Kaitlin. Not forgetting, I think it's about time for us to start setting up the X'mas tree (I need to find space!) :D

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