Friday 21 November 2014

Reciting Poetry

Kaitlin's weekend class recently introduced poetry to the kids. They basically learn a new poem and do the actions and recite it in class over a few weeks. One poem at a time. So far, they have been introduced to two poems - After a Bath by Aileen Fisher and Exercises by Linda Hammond.

At first when the teacher told us that the kids had to memorize and recite the poem in class, in my head I was like going "uh-oh how is that going to happen". Like seriously, I think many would agree with me that you wouldn't think that kids aged around 3 years old would be able to memorize poetry and then recite it on their own in front of an audience. So well, 5 adults and 3 other kids don't really form a big audience, but hey! It's still an audience right.

Well after a few weeks of practicing at home and at class...

This happened:

So majorly proud of this little girl. Her classmates did just as well, if not better but I'm still so very proud of Kaitlin and what she has achieved. This whole poetry memorizing exercise has taught me a few things as well:

1. Don't doubt the abilities of a child no matter the age
2. On that note, even if your child isn't able to do what is expected of them, don't give up and feel frustrated. With time and practice, they will eventually be able to do it. Afterall, each kids learns at their own pace and in their own way
3. Learning the fun way beats learning the boring way. And definitely not through lots of drilling and scolding.
4. Make it a fun activity instead of one that seems like homework or a test
5. Practice wherever you are or wherever you go. It's a more casual setting and the child will feel less tense. Learning on the go is also great if you don't have much time to practice.

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