Thursday 18 December 2014

Christmas Activities: Counting with Snowman!

Since the previous snowman activity that we did, Kaitlin was still very into snowmans so I did this counting activity with her.

For this activity, all you need are some buttons and beads for counting, cut out some bits of paper/felt for the eyes/nose/arms for the snowman and of course the hats for the snowman! I labelled the hats from 1-20 in Mandarin as I wanted her to practise counting in Mandarin as we rarely do that home. You can do 1-10/1-100 whatever amount you want but I do suggest not too many numbers as they may get bored of it after awhile. For ours, I didn't cut out paper eyes or give her googly eyes but just gave Kaitlin a marker to draw eyes for her snowman.

It's pretty easy to prepare this activity. Only thing that took up a little more time was cutting out twenty hats but even then its not gonna take you more than half an hour. Besides learning to recognise numbers and practice counting, we also went through the different colours of the buttons and hats in English and Mandarin.

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