Friday 12 December 2014

Christmas Activities: Let's Build a Snowman!

For another one of our Christmas activities, I gave Kaitlin the chance to build a snowman! Well, sort of cos it's not real snow, but hey we're in SG and there's no winter or snow so we can only use our imagination to have fun right!

While we made a snowman, I made use of the opportunity to let Kaitlin learn to spell her name. First I got her to spell out her name by placing alphabet magnets on a white board. We revised how to spell her name then proceeded to learn how to write the different letters in her name.

After writing out all the letters in her name, we revised once more on how to spell her name. Next, Kaitlin got to decorate her snowman's head and hat.

I placed the white board next to her so that it would assist her with assembling her snowman based on how her name is spelt.

I stuck double sided tape on the back of the circles and got her  to peel them off herself. It's the first time she's peeling off double-sided tape and for some reason she was very amused by it and kept laughing! I don't know what was so funny, but hey if it makes her laugh that makes me happy!

I had wanted to use blue vanguard as a backdrop for her snowman and add in other details on it but I didn't manage to buy so I improvised and used aluminium foil. As we have no more wall space (yes that's how little space there is left :() I stuck it on the side of her changing table. I am thinking of putting up the popsicle stick snowflakes we made as park of the backdrop or the paper snowflakes. 

There she is, adding the finishing touches to her snowman. I asked her to hold hands with her snowman and look what happened! So cheeky right!

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