Monday 8 December 2014

Christmas Activities: Popsicle Stick Snowflakes

No snow in Singapore? Can't see snowflakes? That's alright, we'll make our own! As an extension of our previous flipping snowflakes activity, I let Kaitlin try her hand at making snowflakes from popsicle sticks!

The first step was to paint our popsicle sticks. We used light blue, white and mixed silver paint into those two colours as well. Of course, you can use whatever colours you want. 

After painting we left them to dry. We only painted one side of the popsicle sticks but if you want you can paint the other side as well. We stuck the sticks together to form snowflakes. Leave them to dry again.

To add a little math aspect to the craft activity, I got Kaitlin to count the number of snowflakes we made. Then comes the fun part - DECORATING!

I let her use UHU super glue instead of craft glue cos it works better and sticks faster. I would advise there to be parental supervision during this part to avoid messes and the possibility of stuck fingers! I provided Kaitlin with buttons beads I got from Daiso and sequins. You can use whatever you fancy like pom pom balls, glitter, glitter glue, bits of coloured/recycled/crepe paper, aluminum foil. You get it. The list is endless.

At first Kaitlin was more into the sequins then she started liking the beads and buttons. I guess it's cos prior to this craft activity I have never provided beads and buttons as decorative materials to her. I was pretty glad she liked them!  Whilst decorating our snowflakes we had mini conversations and talked about colours and shapes as well.  Felt like girl bonding time!

We left our decorated snowflakes to dry and now I'm thinking of hanging them around the house/on the door knob/on our christmas tree or to temporarily stick them to the walls. 

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