Monday 1 December 2014

Christmas Activities: Sorting Pom Pom Balls

I haven't been doing much activities with Kaitlin, be it homeschooling or just learning through play. We've been doing our daily flashcards, linking memory and all, but nothing more than that. As such, I thought it would be a good idea to get started on it again and with Christmas just round the corner I decided to do some winter/christmas activities with babygirl. It's also a great way to get her into festive mood!

One of the activities I did with her last week was sorting pom poms! Now this is a super easy, no-brainer activity but I thought it was a good way to get the ball rolling with the Christmas activities to come. It's somewhat familiar to her, so she wouldn't reject doing the activity plus it's easy to prep and do.

I provided Kaitlin with three containers and labelled the containers with the different festive colours. I also provided her with three utensils that she could sort with. 

Kaitlin started with the ice tongs. She's not really gotten the hang of using small tongs, so this was an excellent way to train up her fine motor skills. 

Though she faced a little difficulty when using the ice tongs on her left hand, she was able to complete the task pretty fast.
Then she used one of the utensils she is most familiar with using! The teaspoon. Needless to say, she did it quite fast and with much ease. Again, she had a little difficulty when using her left hand, so this was actually good practice for her left hand. At times, she was able to scoop up two pom poms at a go, and she would be totally thrilled by it!

The last utensil was the melon scoop! Kaitlin has never seen us use or used a melon scoop herself, so she was excited to try using it to sort her pom pom balls. This was mostly for introducing a new utensil to her, and to add some novelty to the activity. 

Though Kaitlin is already 3 years old and sorting pom poms should be a piece of cake to her, I thought it was still good practice for her as she learnt how to move the bowl around and tilt it so she could pick/scoop the pom pom balls out. A major plus was that she enjoyed the activity, and it ranks quite high on our list of Christmas activities that made her laugh a number of times!

I'll be blogging on some of the other winter/christmas activities we did last week, so do check back if you are interested :) Meanwhile, have a happy start to December and counting down to Christmas :D

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